The 'sequel' to the Abundance for Beginners group! Authenticity is the key to manifesting successfully. Learn the 6 facets of authenticity & the 'highest' use of the LOA: to fulfill your Soul Purpose.
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While I'm no longer active on the forum, I hope you will continue to benefit from the support of this amazing group of people!

If you're new to the Law of Attraction, you may wish to join my Abundance for Beginners group first to learn the LOA basics. Here, we take it up a notch!


Are you ready to delight your Soul, and thus delight in your life? This group will explore:

1. A 'higher' look at the Law of Attraction
2. What the purpose of your life is, and what Soul Purpose is all about
3. The Path of Authenticity: why walking this path is essential before manifesting
4. The 7 principles of an authentic life
5. The manifestation process: an expanded look at the LOA and the 5 steps




Beyond The Secret, explore the connection between your spiritual power, deliberate creation, and mastering The Law of Attraction. This forum was based on my book, Delighting the Soul, which is no longer in print. But, part of this book is now available under a new title. check out my book, Spiritual Power and The Law of Attraction, on amazon kindle. Now just 99 cents for a limited time!

You don't need a Kindle to read this. You can download a viewer to your PC from amazon for free.


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Delightful Souls

Please guide us out of this atrocious behaviour towards AnimalsJoin in with me and tell your Friends re the group --- Earthlings --- My Animal Lovers Group --- want to get as many shining souls possible to move forward and do the Right Thing re: Animal RightsUniversal Love Peace & HarmonyPaul

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everything is perfect!!!

Hello fellows,I just wanted to share my happiness with you, since I'm overflowing with it and I really, really wanted to express it and maybe inspire others. Here's my story.I studied Informatics at the university and I've nearly graduated. I say nearly, because there's that graduation project (papers, whatever) I'm yet to present and get estimated on. To cut it short, that project is one of the options I had to chose from as a way to graduate from uni. The other was a plain ol' exam with most…

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