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Aloha to ALL ~ We're hangin' out here in sunny Central Florida, where the Mouse and the manatees play... all day ;-) 

I've been married for nearly 30 years to our resident Master Marathoner, who swept me away from the world of dancing into the road racing community -- a very friendly place to raise a family. We "stumbled" upon homeschooling back in the eighties when someone at the library thought she recognized us from the local support group. Soon afterwards we were introduced to the wonderful work of Dr. Raymond Moore and John Holt! Over the years our new adventure has turned into a love affair with freeschooling :D 

In 1994 I experienced spontaneous healing of a crippling condition (clinically diagnosed "incurable") while reading the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and have been striving to understand this phenomenon ever since. Two years before this piece was written, I was inspired to found The UNCommon Sense Network on Ning to bring together others who have marvelous Life stories to tell (the Network has since been archived due to changes in Ning's policy.)

These two Life-changing events (each seemingly "coincidental") were the catalyst for the iLearn in Freedom Network, originally created on Ning and relocated to Facebook:

We really dig traveling as a family, taking "field trips" all over the US and neighboring countries. Even before "The Secret" came to my attention back in '06, it had been my powerful intention to expand that interest with the establishment of our dream CanDo! CO-OP Lifelong Learning Centres. We're seeing the idea blossom in the US and Canada, with the establishment of freeschools and sister organizations like the Purple Thistle Centre ( in Vancouver, High Park Family Fun Place ( in Toronto, and now the Dream Adventurers Academy.

And here I AM, makin' friends and networking on the World Wide Web. Always happy to meet new colleagues & like-minded spirits. Thanks for surfin' over to my little corner of the Universe :D Laissez les bons temps rouler, as they say in Cajun Country (Let the good times roll ~ I AM!) Penne, pronounced like the coin or the pasta :o)
iLearn in Freedom Network
For Friends of Alternative, Cooperative, and Democratic Education
Freedom to Love, Laugh, Live & Learn... Together!

Home of the CanDo! Creative Arts CO-OP, Explore the Possibilities Study Club & Dream Adventurers Academy 

TUT-certified Infinite Possibilities Trailblazin' Trainer
Explore the Possibilities Study Club & Dream Adventurers Academy

Offering Private Consultations, Personal Coaching, Workshops and Group Sessions 

CanDo! Creative Arts CO-OP discussion group

The *No Longer Taking Life So Seriously* Club

Sowing Seeds of Love & Appreciation Community Page:

Certified Teacher/Speaker
Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Presenting Lectures, Workshops, and Classes in Square Foot Gardening.

Team CanDo! Total Babes
Health & Fitness Group

Certified Callanetics Teacher
Callanetics Management Company, Inc.

Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
Keiser Corporation

Supporter/Rebozo Way Educator in Parenting Practices (REP)
Rebozo Way Project/Nurturing Across Cultures

Promoting in-arms parenting, especially traditional ways to wear babies, and the other aspects of our project (birthing, traditional healing, traditional ways of community, and so on). REPs offer lectures and babywearing demonstrations, classes, and host booths at faires and conferences.


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