I will be focusing a lot on this topic, as this is the fastest most exciting to path to inner connection, creative power of original ideas, and physical health and rejuvenation. It is a great subject if one has resistance to this idea, i say, good luck on your journey, be well. For all others interested this area has a lot of ignorance, fear, and deliberate misguiding to initiate a fear in you from someone pointing out all the possible harm you will suffer if you don't follow these guidelines and do it a certain way.
So Forgetting that popular legal / illegal concept altogether for now, as we know that one quite well, let us instead investigate for our selves a new concept and just what promise, this may hold instead. and just have a look at the dots i connected and overcome my own fears and resistance.


Its a big one this, the best thing i discovered that got me focused on the inside, and i myself, experienced directly all the experiences talked in religious books, all the spirits loving guiding me, and a full life review took place to release all my blocks from past negative experience. lets look at some science views, some religious views, and some recreational views, and some spiritual views, and link them all together to a spirit molecule that is everywhere in nature, and in you. There is an enzyme that switches this off, that disconnects you from your knowing. that some label Mono-amine oxidase, as nature is so great, there are plant vines, roots, and seeds from other plants that inhibit this enzyme some call Mono-amine oxidase inhibitors. lets look at how we can do that and start the dual healing and interconnection process, the dual mind body healing process.

dmt - the spirit molecule

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