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Some years ago after a reality breakdown and the start of my conscious journey, My physical body and view of the world was in crisis. I became grey almost overnight. I remember my sisters laughter when she saw me after a couple of months as she talks to spirit but had spiritual crisis awakening some years previous to me, we all thought she went mental, then they all thought i went the same way, at least we had that in common yet our path could not be more different.


I used to run a successful worldwide aromatherapy business online that I also pioneered new inventions. I was in process of creating at the time of the 1stharry potter movie a aromatherapy mood wand (still on the back burner) where the effects of active oils and essence of the plants spirit is surrounding and penetrating you and is captured by the essential oil and attracts the awareness of ego perceptive teaching from that spirit as a physical and emotional upliftment and healing.

These interactions span both physical realm and nonphysical realms where another part of you, a light body receives the healing immediately and is then filtered through to the physical body some time later. Only your resistance gets in the way of treatment by your conclusion during sifting of keeping track of the condition and awaiting signs of cure.

When you know how true healing works and have been there, all dis-ease is created by your exposure to and your consent to create the dis-ease.

All treatment then from the unenlightened who utilise outside knowledge for understanding will never really ever know where the symptoms manifested from. I know for sure that it was life experience, a part in the scene of life experience usually during contrast and leaving the subject vibrating negatively as you judged another loving soul to conform to your expected values, and now are reaping the seeds as you sow.

Then one of two things happen, you forget it, yet it still lies deep within vibrating attracting more like it, and is expressed as physical symptom. Then the ego notices something wrong, and puts more attention to it, as it is unwanted it is given negative polarity, you are not in joy.

As the symptoms persist you seek help, but most help comes from corporations offering no cure at all, just treatment for the symptoms and listen closely now.

Until you choose to go within and resolve your own past and present conflicts that is causing your symptoms you will always fail to create perfect health and vitality no matter what you do!

Most never in their life do that though, and seek physical outside help and then they stand at a crossroads.

One path leads to healing or a personal acceptable solution to the dis-ease, by often regularly consuming something to keep hammering back the cause, which is often a repeating cycle, experience or memory that you then dislike and keep on suppressing where it vibrates out of your awareness but is attracting more of the same as you feel bad when the memories and repeat experience arises again and again, but gets worse each time till you are given ….


STOP Right There…. Given a name for the condition, what a deception and ignorance persists at this point in mans journey. You have been given the disease and because of the conditioning of the doctors know best, like the authoritarian, doctrine you have accepted. Then you assessed followed and concluded and at this point create a belief around this tag or subject matter. While at same time feeling the worst you can on any subject as this is often the only thing on your mind, what is wrong, what will the outcome be, is it going to be serious, is there a cure?

You create and log this subject within your DNA, as the highest manifestation priority due to the repetition of the subject like health, subcategory medicine, which keeps the topic active in you, and the repetitive visits to the practice where you receive the tests and then the bad news and accept the suggestion from outside yourself, give away your own creative power of healing to another who gives you allotted time of attention till your next visit.

And you never know that it was your conclusion, the final word of another who co-created with you your condition as perfect match of vibration within, but the cause is outside your ego perceptions. You are always surprised by illness, you never ask for it did you, so why do you think law of attraction is not working as it should?

You ask for money yet it evades you, you ask for health you get worse, when you don’t need any money so you then stop asking, and more comes as a surprise, you don’t ask for ill health yet you get it as a surprise.

I bet that is a familiar loop in your life isn’t it?
And therein lies the real secret that the secret holds back as another layer for you to discover, and there are many more infinite layers for more surprises and expansion there is no final truth or end.

You see when you visit health professionals you seek help outside yourself, that is a choice, nobody forces you down that road of healing. It is an avenue for your consideration, popular at this time non-the less.

The ego of these creators will cry resistance out of fear, of losing their profession, or the unwillingness of ego to realise it’s been duped and everything they learned was crafted to create profits for corporations often not to heal people.

Are you willing to release and let go of 10, 20, 30 years of study, forget and drop the qualifications and reputation built and conclude you know nothing at all?

I did just that, and what a reward it is.

There are endless others who do just that also, why do you think you are not working with them do you think? You see you are always still following, though not really knowing, a disconnection you see.

You where guided through repeat visits that are deliberately stretched out in time, this gives you the time to worry ponder, fret and dread the outcome, ingeniously the creators of the system get others like you who follow the same path, and rotate each patient and cram as many as possible in a day to dispense patented man made drugs which props and supports the economy (a word that means multiple ways of getting you to keep buying things you don’t need or “think you wanted” ) – big smile on the last 3 words in quotes.

All the waiting times create more negative emotion on the subject, so you again create more negativity during the process, maybe another prescription will hammer the ever growing symptoms of disease away, or keep fighting with your bodies maybe?

Yes, you do it all, that is the crafted system of health as you know it.

Ingenious and perfect you have to admit when you realise it is just another’s creation and avenue for their wealth and lifestyle, there lies another embedded secret, you don’t need them, you can heal yourself.

A cured patient is a lost client for a corporation!

This is why for the lucky ones here, there is solution and knowledge of great healings and how to discover it yourself.

As in all things there is multi layers of knowledge and you choose how far to go and down which road you travel. Alas I was there too, depressed, overweight ready to cash it all in from a lifetime of trying to succeed and failing whatever I tried.

Like many I tried them all,

Nutrition a mix of truth and deception spread by authority suggesting how much to eat of what they tell you to consume, and be steered away from all effective cures.

Supplements – a good profit for corporations, a valuable tool if you can navigate the maze

Medicine – good luck on that road my friend, there lies the cherry on the cake of profit for corporations, they cannot patent a natural plant so they discover one aspect of a concoction of natural perfect synergies of god. Extract it, synthesise it, concentrate that one aspect, and patent the process to create a drug.

Nowhere in nature will you find one aspect of a plants healing energy, it is a spirit, a blending of many aspects that are balanced and can interact with other natural plants or co-creating spirits. So here the deception starts and the attack of manmade toxins you continually repeat and consume all the time believing as everyone does it’s what you do when your ill. That’s why you wait so long to be seen, as nobody is ever cured you see?

All the best business relies on word of mouth advertising and repeat purchasing from its clients!

Vegetarian – Misled again, sufferers of guided concepts of fear of animals suffering, but fail to realise plants are alive too, and feel pain! But because they have not heard them squeal they feel good about eating them in favour of an animal who expresses consciousness they can perceive and don’t like it an out of balance way of life.

Fast and processed foods – well, they attempt to copy nature, cater for the taste buds but contained within is much deception to keep the gluttons eating more and getting ill, another avenue for a sister corporation to milk from. Or the career family to go to one outlet who specialises in selective processed goods for your choice, yet contain the same unnatural ingredients that overwhelm the body to create more profit for the sharing corporations feeding the unenlightened, or cattle, as they like to call you in private.

They tell you it’s safe and you believed it!

Yet there exists another path, one where you can eat what you like and be at peace with it, rather than trying to convert the world to your way of existence why not just heal yourself, the journey to health is a very rewarding one as you release conflict and ease symptoms and gain new vitality the worse you feel now is your greatest asset and you have not yet realised that.

If you are ill, the more serious it is, then all you have done really is resist and not keep up with your other multiple selves. You are holding back, like I’m stopping here because I believe I’m doing the right thing, and keep doing that. But you never feel any better any day or it pivots between good days and bad ones.

That experience is a consciousness sifting awaiting final conclusion of available data, that forms beliefs and beliefs are created by you and experienced as your typical everyday experience.

You think your thoughts are yours, but they are not, your thoughts and most actions are not your own, you received them before you can conceive them so there is a clue to the real secret, whatever you think, matters not in a way, as you already created it by your thought before you can perceive it with your ego perceptions.

You are living the receiving of thoughts you already had! And have only just become aware of them, and there is good reason why that is so, it is so the universe can surprise you, hint hint.

Have a chew on it, but without the key it will always allude you as to the true meaning yet you can attribute any meaning you like, and you will live that yourself.

Congratulations to you for discovering and attracting this portal into your life, as is your free will to choose how to feel on any topic, I suggest you discover benefit from the discussion and ways to explore navigation to personal health.

Then you too will reawaken to new possibilities you already have, but are not yet aware, the good news is, when you resisted your inner-being as it moves forward in joy, and you stopped in pain or suffering, you are in the seat of a powerful catapult, that when you start to move in the direction of health, accelerates in proportion to what you can handle, your inner being knows the pace trust it.

But you start to see new things, discover and catch up on lost abilities, do the things you feel are beyond reach and awaken to the fact that your body is amazing and responding all the time to your vibration.

Here we discuss a unique view from inner knowing of true healing and spiritual connection, with real results you too can experience. I walk the walk, I know the truth that has been concealed and others profit from at your choice of disconnection through allowing outside  persuasion and false teaching through deception of lack of knowledge of the secret.

Is it time for your meticulous recovery, well the only challenge is what you have come to think you know already, when all the time all you think you know you have been given, and you accepted it by your own choice.

Now you can choose again as this moment is a new reality

Welcome to the start of a new life in health and joy!

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  • I would like to focus here first, as this is one of they keys, and you are going to be from others if you allow it, be guided away, from this area as it is a big key to health and vitality, and for me, effortlessly reversed disease. and foggy thinking and turned my own health around as i will offer some video, my preferred medium to faster fun learning, I myself also find it is a huge key to true spirituality and accessing your knowledge from within as well, that is why it is important first step, as you get a lot from it quickly

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