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 I Would like to offer something instant and demonstration you can use yourself

Look at the logo, created that just playing around on Photoshop, wanting to learn about 3d features, that was the result, I picked the colours because I thought they looked good. I concluded after a few revisits and more playing, I was happy with it, but not sure why I made it, because it was exploration of feature you see?

duce, came along on the first games machines, it was my game name, then my internet name, I picked it, it was not given to me.

So I wanted to fit duce in the cube, to explore text features on cube, but you can only see 3 sides for the letters, so using new feature I tilted the cube and that fits the letter E, underneath, that suggests other side but you still cannot see

I did not know this part then, I was later to find out,

By now of what I can see more of, yet I created it but not consciously.

Look at the cube, what do you see?

A cube on a purple background a black side with a d on it right?

Then bottom of that, a lilac side, with a (u) on it ok?

Left of that, a green side, with a (c) on it agree?

Then underneath the cube is an (e) on the floor ?

If the cube fell down you cannot see the (e), so it would not spell duce in the logo

Can I ask you now, what colour is the side that would land on the (e) be?

Whatever you imagine it to be, as there is no visual reference in the picture for that you have to make one up, it’s not done for you.

Let’s proceed, now excitingly there is much more, that I could not see when I designed that out of play as there is no business called duce I am aware of you see? So I was just playing with that, but now is great value to you, as it will reveal a secret, that will reveal to you, you are seeing less than you could,

Now pause, look again at the image, are you happy with what has been described, and agree description is pretty accurate with that you see on the screen?

So let me guide you now, and see if you notice something you did not see before, funny as you take on the concept, you will always be able to choose to see both ways forever, as you realised something new for you.

Up to now, you have been following along, because you followed my words and I gave you the description of what I see, but then that was incomplete, because I don’t see the same as you, and you can right now learn a shift, a realisation that maybe other things you see, there are more other ways to view them ok?

How do you see the cube, have another look, but don’t think just quietly stare, do not really focus, allow yourself to droop, relax and don’t look at the center of the image, look around it not in the center as you always do right now.

So on the cube outside walls spells duc, (e) is not on any side it’s on the floor

If you can, look at the lilac, that is a floor not a side?

And (d) is on a black inside wall, the adjacent wall to the left, is green, with a (c) on it, now do you see it

Like a TV studio set where the corners of the floor meet the walls, do you see it.

something changed, (u) is now on the floor? not the (e) any more, that probably dissapeered for you did it? or can you while seeing (u) you the floor, the (e) is propped up on the side of the green Wall with a (c) on it, that's a bit trickier but it will come if you relax focus, don't try step back, do you see it.

Notice this as well, see how you loose focus trying to see the (e), does it keep shifting, a bit overwhelming perhaps, but you gain control as you explore the new vision you get better as you go by, but you have to leave then return to and you expand some more on this new subject, and you see new perception as they are presented you see

look again, re-enforce the concept that is offered for your consideration you are following right now?

Now notice the flip flop of focus as you try to focus, you are switching now between two different concepts, one that was just given to you and you manifest what I'm suggesting to you, right now this very moment, have you achieved that?

 - well done you, you are great creator of expanded vision

you just got led along a little, and they say no-one can create inside your experience? what a concept?

Yet here you are, i just did that in yours, how does that feel to you?

I know i can do that you see, that is the secret they hide i just demonstrated right now.

so as you choose to accept my proposal of what to see, and you instantly manifested different ability to see, something you could not, yet we all looked at the same image, but now you can see two ways to view, rather than the one, you held before, and forever, no effort to learn

Congratulations on your now, expanded view, there is a lot more, and this is what we explore in this sight and vision thread

Here is a more beneficial concept to consider, Did i create for you, and you manifested that in your reality? that suggests i have amazing control over people, But in truth you did the whole thing, i just gave you something to follow, then you created the suggestion, of the new concept.

So really, if you stop following another's concept, unless you expand your experiences from it, as guide, trusted source, then great,

So if you really have all the power, but i guide your focus on what i preferred you to see, you cannot, then it may appear to you that i had the control, but all I did was suggest what to see, and you saw it, it was always there, you saw the cube right? so whats changed?

hopefully you discover this beneficial concept that you are the power creator, and that idea is better to allow guidance to create, for you,  if it benefits you, a sharing a concept, that to follow what another advertises you think you must do perhaps, or may want, or achieve perhaps. others guide your focus right now, and you create that in your environment you are in you see?

Better still, how about a more beneficial concept, where you follow your own idea, then create from that place, and let others do the following if they so choose?

welcome to world of creation and personal power

i will offer more like this in video, where you see suggestion and creation to consider

Contribute and enjoy, show links to videos, tell others what you find

And a very warm welcome to a new expanded world view!


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