Navigating Forum interaction In Personal Joy

Navigating Forum interaction In Personal Joy

I speak here to the readers, not the responder’s!
you get to decide which one, you are!

Look just at how amazing you are, but I do from a perspective from viewing yourself from outside your body, so from that place I can offer and you can have opportunity to learn about each sense you are using but from a different view than is being portrayed here.

Rather than the view you accepted when it is being given to you. I intend that because I already lived this realisation on my unique journey, i carved my own new path. I can say to you, this is what i found out about me, so it is not a path to follow, more of a type of portal created for your considerations, a sort of guided internal exploration as i myself discovered that is where you say you want to be in joy, expansion and creating.


I will personally examine all information, no matter who it is offering it, because all the pieces of the whole are fragmented inside many concepts you avoid. just look at any response to a mail, or a post, ask yourself, are they talking and replying to me, or more commonly are they talking to others reading or responding to the offering?

That is the area of suggestion, goading, persuading and manipulation. those considering to whether or not to accept the knowledge given in the original posting are right now at the point of reading undecided, because they are sifting and collecting new data, new information for them to accept. So are susceptible to those telling them what they should do, or what they should feel when the ones replying felt, had an urge to highlight and bring to your attention what they see in that piece of writing they highlight.


Then, they feel they must cut and paste the parts they reacted to, because it was an unconscious action born from their own emotion, and then broadcasted to you how they felt when they read it in their own moment you see.

That was not intended for me to consider, because i know that everything you are taught is just a concept, an idea someone else had. So creation and invention and manifestation then, are really about changing your existing concepts to those you feel great about, and alter all concepts that when you are in them, and you know you are in them, currently make you feel bad.

Once you tip the scale to all your ideas and exposure to data always feels good to you personally,  then you physically alter all your experiences to good ones, for you personally, in your own  environment. So here, as we keep saying environment is important, so here i offer ways and fun tools to study your own personal sphere of awareness and expand it, as the tools work in all environments because you take them with your wherever you are, you already have the tools, I intend to show you just how great you all are.

And here, as I offer the way i travel, and show you the path I cut myself, it would still only be opportunity for you to enjoy your own journey more, and make you feel better than you do already. Because if your already feel great about the concept you hold onto, why would you change that?

Except if you stay within the same concepts others are giving to you!

But some others try to do exactly that by cutting certain aspects of information, emphasizing the feeling you should be feeling about the whole of it, by focusing on the part that was sensitive for them.


Ironically as you create in the moment, the persuader believes, for some others not, something like this

That by reading that they noticed they feel bad. If that was the case then they moved into a bad feeling folder for them at the time they felt bad, and that was felt in a live recording of emotions streaming during their exposure to reading the post you see.

Then they feel they had to (unconscious action) an urge point out there feeling when they read it, live in their own moment.

A skilled creator would have known, at that very instant during the exposure while emotionally recording them, that they were wobbling emotionally. So they are out of control at that moment. And as each moment is like a single picture, you take a snapshot recording of every feeling in the moment.

When you stream a collection of pictures and you show them all at a certain speed together, which your eyes are perceiving a moving motion. Because you think, they are not good enough to keep up with the speed of the frames of the pictures in a movie. You record an imprint of every emotion you have, as you see each single frame that stream to make a movie, but you see every little detail in those pictures not just the movie!

So as it turns out, you cannot keep track of every picture because it is being shown too fast, but you still see and feel emotion on every slide. So because you are living behind exposure, you live the emotion as physical experience but later. And are open to manipulation by hiding information you cannot detect and makes you feel a certain way, and then manifest the experience and you relive the feelings the way you recorded them at the point of exposure.

Now go watch the any movie, and see all them flash frames moving at you faster that you can see them I ask you this?

What do you think you saw?

Then ask anyone what is that movie about and there will be infinite conflicting views because they don’t always feel the same way on exposure you see, so you dialogue and ask opinions but none of that matters to you, you just have to choose what you expose yourself to within your own environment.

Then the change will happen, and you will notice that!


So then you believe that it’s just a movie, just a music cd, just a good picture that illustrates a bunch of text within a book perhaps

Not so, that too is so slow for your inner perception, your inner being that is the wider perspective, that, to it, in your perspective is like you watching a tree growing from a seed you plant as a child, then in your ending years, you watched the tree through every other exciting experience you had in all your life, but not every day but most of your life your returned to notice the tree every time your pass it and it glows with you and changes appearance just like you did as you got older.

But that’s exactly how dense and slow you have all gotten, not what you can really achieve!


So you. Listened to someone else’s concepts given you to consider, and you accept it, but when you accept and expose yourself to any new knowledge or offering for your consideration. You record a snapshot in the moment of a feeling on each topic being presented through the exposure of it you choose.

Then you are led, because you choose to follow, a Rollo coaster ride of emotion, you have been desensitised to notice this, so you keep focused on the information and entertainment, rather than, examining in real time how your feeling at each moment, to stimuli that is being rolled at you, and often faster that you perceive it.


So you then catalogue every single frame of the movie live experience you just had even reading this. Then what happens is you create a decision eventually and conclude you like it, or you don’t, or maybe a mixture of the two, “undecided”

Some leading the follower who know this, try to get you to buy their concept, within that you will experience a Rolla coaster ride of emotion as you are being spoon fed the subjects, not of your choice what they are choosing and deciding to guide your focus upon, who are they, everything you read, every picture and sound your seeing and hearing, what is it they want you to feel with your hand, how your skin will look if you do this, how your hair will be if you use this.

Is all data for consideration by you, here’s the deal though.


That is not as innocent as it sounds, as what you feel upon the instant exposure to the outside stimuli you record a live streaming full sense experience like virtual reality inside you.

Then you forget about that as just as soon, you bounce onto the next thing that captures your attention, that is being advertised for your consideration. I am not talking about adverts on TV and such, nature is an advert, displaying all its glory and all its misery, what part of nature do you like, what part in nature is cruel?

That’s nothing to do with you, as if it makes you feel bad then you record that, right then in live streaming recording. Feeling bad is tagged to the focus.

Then you look at nature somewhere else, that is pure bliss and awesome, that is live stream recorded, Feeling pure, bliss, and awesome, tagged to the focus of every sense you can perceive in your moment or live recording in your direct environment right now never ending.


So the only real thing to consider by following anything, is what are you recording right now about each sense you can perceive. If you see something bad, recorded is that image, in that moment, if you see something exciting, you record what it is your excited about, in that moment.

But that becomes all the data you are streaming on your internal hard drive you see? The contents of your mind, and inner self and subconscious you experience as manifestation’s


So all of that manifests to you when you next visit the concept, the idea, the subject you see, played back to you with what you felt at the time you recorded it. So it is a replay now on that new subject you are experiencing right now, in every moment.

It is then very wise, if you look within and see that you have millions of subjects in your life all related to each other you call life experience, what you’re interested in or what you are doing.

The best way then to see for yourself the creative process is to create a new folder and monitor that consciously. Become aware of something new, and keep returning to it to learn how you swing emotionally, like the responses to forum posters do.


It does not matter what they express to you, you see, just ask yourself this, not how does reading that make you feel, as at this moment of yours as you read their response. Was simply their own emotional snapshot in their own moment they are broadcasting to you, from at the time they read it you see.

So now it becomes an advert, a broadcast for your consideration but that response is charged emotionally of their own feelings at time of exposure and now the response part is their creation, impregnated with their feelings, as now it’s their creation they’re offering for your consideration.

But unknowingly you take on their feeling, their vibration, as it is their creation reading their responses they have emotionally recorded. So how are they making you feel now as you download that embedded emotion they offer you, for your consideration to download there recording you see onto your personal hard drive that is stored your emotions, then create manifestation.

So in this demonstration, you can predict the typical responses, and they will advertise to you, there level of self-limitation on all their subjects by broadcasting how they feel about the parts they highlighted and spoke about, then offer you to feel the same way as them. So consider it, you do that all the time

So in the moment they read something they either feel good about, or bad about, then later after the exposure, they felt an urge to respond, in creating the broadcast, they feel a certain way, so they are broadcasting a feeling for your consideration, for you to experience in a physical manifestation, that will have that same feeling when you receive it.

So how do you feel when you read something new, something you did not notice in the reading of the same post they did, same exposure. What’s happening here is this, they bring something new, to your attention. From that point, it is their creation, charged with their feelings, and offering you to feel that, by way of advertising what they are feeling you see. So as it happens, you can detect it too, how is it making you feel if you read their response?

They are asking you to share that same feeling and download it by way of agreeing with them, so then you all feel the same way as you then resonate together as you all become perfect match you see, then, you all relive the feelings charged with the type of emotions you took from them, from their offering, their broadcast of something to consider in feeling the same as they do.


So you get a sample of how you will feel when it will manifest because when you read their reply it makes you feel a certain way, you are now at this moment, picking up a download a sample of how they are feeling on this what they are highlighting you see, it’s your choice to take that on, and live out as your future experience, but it will feel like that in the broadcast is charged with.

That is persuasion, as now you are being guided in feeling a way that is being offered to you for your consideration, I mean you choose to read it or not.

Interesting though, only the unenlightened suffer that reaction to outside stimuli, because you are not aware of how you are recording all that, so you are susceptible to manipulation.

The feeling you get reading a response is a recording you download from them, a playback of their feeling they’re broadcasting as they charged that creation with their feelings when they wrote it, that came from their internal data that they previously recorded, on their own hard drive when they exposed themselves reading the offering.

But they say, that made me feel bad, then I say that is how you feel about the subject, because that is a replay of what’s on your hard drive not a creation. The creation for them is the reply you see, and they charge it with emotion, and what you feel is what’s on your hard drive.

That may sound like a contradiction to some, but is too much to expand on here right now, but will be explained.

The response is there creation, that is embedded with their own feeling when they responded, at time of replying, so you accept by reading that, a downloading of the emotion that has already been recorded by them at time of creation, or of their exposure, as you experience their offered feeling, you are constantly recording your own they are offering you, so how do you feel when you read a response to a post?

It is their feeling, and you are recording what you feel as you are feeling their recording of the transmitted emotion that is inside what they are offering you for your consideration.

So nobody does anything to you, unless you allow it, you see.


So when you see a creation from someone else, a post, a response to a post, that wells up emotion in you, then you are out of control, you are not consciously choosing your own emotion you see, so you record theirs because that’s what your feeling right now, and you store that feeling on your own hard drive that replays back the emotion as manifestations.

But this happens only for you personally and you don’t like it, they are your feeling, but you are allowing what you read, hear, sense and perceive to control your own feeling. So then once you know this, and someone posts something, and it starts to feel bad, you have a choice, continue to follow the feelings from the poster, or laugh,

Yes, laugh, find something funny in it, and make you feel great, because that is the single best attribute of a magnificent being indeed

The ones who can, find something in something bad and laugh at it, oh yes they will say to you, that is wrong, and give a reason (their advertisement to consider)

That makes them feel bad, and if you want to be a good person, then you should feel like me, so they attempt goading and persuasion, to get you to alter your feeling so that makes them feel good as now you are in resonance on that topic, as now you feel bad too, you share the emotion you see, and become perfect match, even friends.

That is why you like each other as friends, take a look at your friends lists.

And you resonate, you feel the same on the subjects you agree on, and disagree on in a fashion.


But, laughing at someone who already is feeling bad, or was when they created the response is considered bad, of course it is, because most of you on the planted feels that way, that is what you all upload as mass consciousness on the big hard drive.

So as it seems and very clearly demonstrated by them, in their advert, they are not so good at emotional control as maybe they think they are, or advertise perhaps, or maybe still learning but are stuck in one concept another is creating. So they cease their expansion and camp out in conception another is creating

But the real creating is discovery, new concepts new ideas, that then manifest for you, and then you create the concept for others consideration.

This is all a concept, One designed to offer mastering your environment, expanding awareness, reclaim your true powers, you can take it or leave it, but how are you feeling right now, as that is the recording you have on this subject, and it is the subject of creating, and personal power and expansion, elevated awareness. So if you feel bad about a subject of creating you self-sabotage your ability to create, so you seek and follow others creations, of their conception, that get your attention, because you have difficulty creating your own ideas to put out there.

Thank you. For creating from your responses this delightful offering for your consideration.

Or not, how do you feel, well, guaranteed next time you’re on the topic you will replay the existing feeling, intensified with the feeling you have now.

The discord then is, if you feel good, your manifestations feel great later

If you feel bad then, when reading anything at all, you’re in the bad feeling place, perfect match, predictable reply, because it won’t matter the words expressed back, it will be a broadcast for consideration to the readers gathered on the posting. To consider taking on, and record on their own drive, that offers them your current feelings or emotion, you just created when you reply back, the prediction is this.


You feel bad, so that is what you will create, the charge around it, the words you use are meaningless and to be ignored by everyone wanting to feel good, unless you can convince them to feel the same way as you do, then maybe you will feel good then perhaps?

But in the doing of that, you goaded, advertised, broadcasted, try to coerce another, persuaded them, to feel as you do, because they subconsciously accepted your feeling from your creation  by your responses that now is your posting, and is your creation.

Then some, the undecided ones, or the ones already feeling the same way you were at the point you create the reply, are perfect match, as you all feel the same, so because they feel the same way as you do, they are a matching vibration. So you are in agreement that you share the same emotions, but you recruited that person out of their ignorance of how they work as they don’t know that yet, that is the truth.

So consider this, Every time you express your dislike and point that out, you ask another to take on negative emotion you create for them, as an experience they will physically experience, because you charged it that way.

Now go back and look at your responses and what feelings were you pitching them all!

Through that offering of yours, that whatever your highlighting to grab their attention, you created, charged it with your negative vibes, created it, and rebroadcast it back to the group.

Then, if not careful, they take on your bad feelings, that creates for them a matching vibration to what you was feeling at the point you where writing or responding to what you exposed yourself to.

Then you rebroadcast those feelings, embed them inside your creation that you are offering for their own consideration, and then they take on or choose not to, that part of vibration that you are offering now.

So then they read it and generates your bad feeling, as that’s its vibration of your creation which records a bad feeling they store on their hard drives, which will be experienced a physical experience in their life. But they will not be aware of all this, they will not know then, why they keep attracting negative emotions and not like their feelings, that you broadcasted to them, and they chose to accept them, that was your feeling you see.

You put them in a negative spin, but they have choice to laugh, mock, attack, be angry react which is the taking on of another’s vibration you like or don’t but it’s still someone else’s vibration you see.

It is time to take charge now, and overcome if you choose, your own self-imposed limitations that is a small part of what we are offering you, for your consideration.

Kindest regards

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