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A portal of knowledge for the seeker to expand awareness, discover and apply real knowing. Then apply what is learned in their own personal reality, in love and joy. Everyone chooses focus differently and that is the vibration of life. All i ask is for you to consider is this. What is the topic you are on now, what is the current content of thought streaming through your mind at this moment ?

How are you feeling right now?

Whatever is the subject on your mind, whatever physical senses you are aware of in your direct personal environment right now. That is all you can be aware of right now with every sense you have, and that includes your own thoughts right now in this very moment.

Then, consider all the past moments you have experienced until this moment that is now, which is a brand new manifestation of the last moment and is always a live streaming recording taking place in every moment, it is being filed, catalogued by your subject choice, tagged with the intensity and polarity of your emotion to this subject you are focusing on.

It is then given priority for playback manifestation by how frequently you access the subject and what charge you are now applying through emotional intensity and polarity. How do you feel right now? All this is stored as a full blown snapshot of this moment inside you’re DNA which is your personal inner library of all past, present, and future life experience just like this one. Until you find a way to access this, then you always will never really know anything, as you would be seeking knowledge outside yourself. That is the most unreliable and deceptive choice of all knowledge there is.

So as every new moment passes, a live streaming recording like a photo is taking place by you. Only it is recording always never switches off as it has a natural battery life that lasts until you draw your last breath. So it is always on, amazingly though it also records everything you can see, all you can smell, all you can hear, all you can touch. It records your whole environment in a snapshot of every new moment, strung together you get a replay called life. So you are living now a recording of your own past, focused on a collection of subjects and sub-folders that are interrelated by subject matter that is the life you lead and choose out of all available data within your sphere of perception.

So you will next experience on this subject more amplified intensity and frequency automatically without you doing anything at all to try and do, or effort or make something happen as you can only change your life right now you see?

You are replaying back the same emotional energy as you just gave it. you set the polarity of positive feelings or negative feelings on every subject in your life. but when it arrives it will be more joyful or more painful in the receiving of it you see.

So during this intended interaction with fellow co-creators of all levels, consider that there is no right and there is no wrong. there is only how you feel at every moment that really counts personally for you, and no-one else.

Be selfish that way, and be generous to others enhancement of joy, mutually beneficial positive emotion, and you give them a beautiful life experience on their replay.

Enjoy your interaction here

Welcome, and enjoy your journey, then life will be fruit full for you in every way!



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