The EASY WORLD Button from Staples

I had been storing my button up on a shelf. Today I decided to focus more on EASY WORLD. How to do that. Just put my EASY WORLD button next to my computer and push it more frequently. Also I am finding that I am using the word easy more frequently all throughout the day to allow the magic of EASY WORLD to come into my existence or my existence to come into EASY WORLD. I type easily. I read a book last night easily. My button said "that was easy". My relationship with my wife and friends are getting easier. My blood pressure is tending to normal easily and I am taking less meds easily. I am studying for my classes easily. The material is getting is easier. Easy does it. I just hit the EASY button again. When I went to my aerobics class this am I kept saying easy this is easy over and over.

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  • Easy World Button I took it on a 3400 mile trip in my car across the us from oregon to wisconsin and back. I showed it to my relatives they thought it was funny. Now I have several EASY BUTTONSin my head. Frequently I mentally push the buttons to remind myself about easy world.
    • Perfect! Who needs the technology when you have an Easy Button in your mind?!
  • Thanks for the reminder, Fritz--I just pushed my Easy Button for the first time in awhile!
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