Some words in Easy World I've heard lately

I was trying to get a plastic cup which was still in a stack of other plastic cups and it was HARD so I said "Forget this, I'm going to take a cup from THIS stack" and it came out easily. A lady near me said "Exactly. Why struggle?" and I thought yes why indeed? And then I asked my boss for something the next day that I REALLY wanted and she said "No problem." I have NEVER heard her say that before in five years or more of working there! And last night hubby and I watched Wild Hogs and one of the characters said "That was easy!" Now he was a bad guy but STILL!

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  • This is so exciting!

    I was just in a bit of a bad mood (housemate issues, you know the drill), and I came onto this group and viola! My relationship with my housemates is easy!

    everything is easy!
  • You are obviously in Easy World, Athena! Way to go!!!
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