I do things EASY. My relationships are fun and EASY. I type EASY. I think up new things EASY. My cat and I get along easy. I teach classes EASY. I am studying material EASY. It was so EASY for me to quit smoking and drinking. When I hear people say it is hard to do something I say to myself it is EASY for me. I know how to create EASE for myself. My wife says computers are EASY for you. I have a friend who is able to do things in an EASY way. I have learned from him. It is EASY for me to use the word EASY many times a day in various venues that are getting easier. Tapping has become more EASY. Typing has become more EASY. I know how to use my inner guidance system in an EASY way. Easy Does it Easy accomplishes it. Easy is a power word that gets things done in a magical way in an EASY fashion.

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  • Bless you, Celebrate Small Changes ....... I love this, and it goes without saying, IT'S EASY.
  • I like this a lot!
    Thank you!

    I just put 4 cards around my house to remind me of this gateway into the reality where things come easy.
    • I use the easy button frequently to remind myself of the easy world reality. It works for me to break up my thinking when i find myself in difficult world and when I hear "that was easy" I get myself back into easy world pronto.
  • There must be some magic to this simply saying EASY because this week is going great. I am feeling euphoric for no reason. I think that saying EASY EASY EASY over and over is helping me to control my left brain thoughts and training my right brain better. I just watched a video that clarifies this subject quite nicely. go to youtube and type in "How it feels to have a stroke. Fascinating revelations from a brain scientist who can help us all.
    • I found just reading your easy words was quite nice! Thanks!

      Easy, easy, easy does it. I easily find my way in all situations every single day. My relationships are Easy. I am Easy with contrast. I feel the ease of my body. I know just what to do. Mellow, mellow, easy ease!
      I go with the flow....
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