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Both my parents turn 75 this summer (my mom next Sunday and Dad in July) and I want to do something nice for them. A big party is out of the question as my brother and sister live out of province. If I was still living in DW I would have been frustrated and angry that everything was falling to me and I would plan something only to have it fizzle out on the day of the party. Now that I live in EW I realized a big party wasn't going to happen and wasn't really what my mom would want anyways. I have talked with both my sister and brother and asked them for any photos they could send me so I could put them on a digital picture frame. Now in DW this would have been like pulling teeth! But in EW not only has my sister-in-law got me a stack of photos (in the midst of her packing up house to move to Boston with my brother already being there) but she is also going to send me a cheque to cover half the cost of the frame! My sister is ordering flowers for my mom next week and putting all our names on it so all that is left for me to do next weekend is enjoy the visit with my parents and make dinner. I have order both mom (for her birthday) and dad (for father's day) small gifts online and shipping is to take 3 to 12 days so I know that because I work in EW they will be here before Friday.I live and work in Easy World! Where everything is easy including 75th birthdays!Pat

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  • Easy World Birthdays are the best!

    In EW birthdays turn into birthday weekends! My mom called Saturday morning to ask if they could come and stay over and spend the rest of the weekend with us instead of just Sunday! They got to spend a little time with my brother and his family just before the moving truck was coming to pack up the rest of his house and then came to spend the rest of the weekend with us! We went to church together and I got the whole congregation to sing Happy Birthday to Mom. It was just awesome. It helps that I am the church secretary and the minister loves my Mom and Dad!

    I love EW and I am looking forward to the week!

    • I'm happy to hear that sudden houseguests don't catapult you out of Easy World!

      Congratulations on a successful EW birthday celebration!
  • Marvelous, Patricia! You must have been asking the all-powerful question: "How easy can it get?!"
    • I LOVE the question "How easy can it get?!"
    • Julia how did you know! Those were the first thoughts that came to my mind after I hung up the phone!

      Wishing everyone a beautiful day in Easy World!
    • Ha! Cool. It is just what came to mind when I read what you wrote.

      I think "How easy can it get?" is a juicy, powerful question that bears asking repeatedly, don't you?! The Universe loves to answer questions!
  • Well my Easy World Birthday dinner just got even easier. I spoke to my mom and asked what she wanted for dinner and she told me she wants hamburgers! How easy is that! Now all I have to do is make the dessert!

    I love Easy World!
  • Fantastic! Living in Easy World really does make life so much easier, more joyful and appropriate! Have fun with your parents and wish them Happy 75th from us!
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