I originally posted this is the wrong place, so sorry if you have seen it before!

Hi everyone!

I am new to Easyworld, Its the strangest thing, I can't remember how I found it or who referred me but anyway I'm loving it and have been in Easyworld for a couple of weeks now!


I am yet to read the book, waiting for it from Amazon (where would we be without them!) and have only been following things I find on here, that you guys are sharing. So far so good but I think I am stuck at one point.


Allowing? How do I go about allowing and how do I know for sure that I am actually allowing when I think I am?

How do I know if something may be blocking me without me realising it?

Any Ideas greatly appreciated!





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  • I like the embracing/appreciating idea, Julia. I hadn't thought of it as an active form of allowing. I'm going to try that. Yes, Christina, the book will really help!
    • Thanks Julia and LOA for your responses!


      Yes, I think I see the embracing/appreciating idea, I will try it!

      I know I am on a steep learning curve with all this but everyday another piece clicks into place and with the help of wonderful people like yourselves, I know I'll get there!


      Itching to get my hands on the book Julia!


      Thanks again


      Lots of love



  • Hi, Christina~

    Welcome Home to Easy World!

    Nice answer, LOA!

    The key to allowing is to simply not be resisting! But since we're so action-oriented, one way to deal with this is to deliberately be embracing. Embracing what? Anything! You can't resist at the same time as you're embracing. Embracing is an active form of allowing. A dynamic form of allowing is also appreciating. Appreciating anything.

    When you're tense or pushing or otherwise not relaxed, you're in resistance and not allowing.

    Glad you're going to soon have the book in hand--that will things EASIER to understand! LOL!

    In Joy,


  • Hi Christina. Here is how I tell the difference between allowing and blocking. I ask if I am feeling emotional attachment to something or to an outcome. I ask if I am feeling uncomfortable or extremely pleased. Anything that is not neutral means a block. Even too much of a good feeling can work against us. I take the position of being thankful for the things I feel positive about and focus on that joy rather than too much on the positive feelings of what I'm experiencing. I hope that is helpful.
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