Choosing Easy World progress report

I decided that since I'm so excited about my upcoming book about Easy World, I'd start sharing progress reports here on the forum from time to time! Here's today's:I got the Spring/Summer catalog from St. Martin's Press, the publisher of my upcoming book, Choosing Easy World, today and not only did they give it a 2-page spread, they had listed their marketing plans for it and they are HUGE and exciting and I feel SOOOOOOO blessed.I also communicated with the marketing manager for the first time today and in her email, she said, "I LOVE the book. You have created an amazing, totally accessible and wonderful work. I’m so thrilled to be working with you on it!"I'm in total awe of how Easy World is handling all this. Naturally, Easy World wants the book about itself to do great, but still--wow!!!

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  • Indeed you do. :)
    • How are things going Julia?!!!

    • Choosing Easy World is apparently taking it's sweet time making the bestseller list! LOL! But I get confirmation from people every day who tell me it's been impactful in their lives and that means so much.

      Meanwhile, I'm working on other Easy World things to help people live in Easy World...

      Thanks for asking, Cheryl!


      Ah.... There you are.


      You popped into my head earlier today.... Thought I better check in. ;-)


  • I wear white sequins to bed in Easy World!



  • That was easy!


    I remember when there was no book, and it seems like yesterday. Now in paperback!?


    I hardly drink anymore, but I am up for a celebratory buzz.... Party and Julia's house!!!!

  • Today, August 16, 2011, Choosing Easy World is being released as a paperback, so everyone who was waiting for that need wait no more! Lots of fab bonuses available from some of your favorite spiritual teachers when you get your copy. I'm offering a couple of great ones myself!

    To get on on the celebration, visit now!

    And if you'd spread the word, I'd be hugely grateful AND your actions will help accelerate the loosening of the grip of Difficult World on the consensus reality!

    Love, Joy, Ease,


  • Looks like it's been awhile since I posted a progress report! Sales of Choosing Easy World are steady--will love for them to increase for the holidays--and I continue to get messages from grateful people whose lives have changed by knowing about and choosing Easy World.

    The Brazilian rights for publishing the book have been purchased, so in addition to Spanish (Spain), CEW will be in Portuguese! Love that.

    It feels really wonderful to know that word of Easy World is spreading around the planet!
  • Julia, congraulations on this!!!! Very cool.

    • Why, thank you, Brenda! I was thrilled when I found out. :)
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