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Hi-i!Thanks, for choosing Easy World!Patra picked-up this thread, in the past, which I certainly relied on. Well, someone has got to pick it up, now. So, here goes! ;O)It feels great, doesn't it, to simply say it? "I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy!"What a great way to start the day. (Or finish it, or perk it up, mid-way!)Let's honor Julia Rogers Hamrick (not to mention Patra) by honoring ourselves with those powerful words.Sunshine & Blessings,Giovani4 Hot Secret Law Of Attraction Reviews & Video blog

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  • I was responsible for planning an end of the season Wrap party for a couple of age groups in our Baseball league. I've been stressing about it for weeks. I was worried that.... what the hell was I worry about again?

    It went perfectly yesterday, wonderfully perfectly and everyone, coaches parents and kids are waking up this morning thinking about playing baseball again next spring.

    At one point after all my speeches were done, the trophies were all handed out, I looked around at the ball diamond and there were kids playing games with their parents at every base.

    I started to cry it was so beautiful. So I ran to the bathroom. Who wants to see a 50 year old man cry tears of gratitude on a ball field... hehe

    From that moment up to and including now, I have not had even one thought that took me out of Easy World.

    Life is Good & Easy!
  • reporting from the corner of laughter drive and hoping lane: all is well in easy world and i'm glad to be here for myself.
  • I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy and fabulous!
  • That is my favorite color. If I had to choose.

    Easy World is timeless.
  • I affirm that for you, Rae!!!
  • I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy!
  • Beautiful! :D

    Life is so Easy here in Easy World, even the coffee pours itself! ;D

    Life is Easy, I love Easy World! :D
  • Something from difficult world showed up my Facebook page that I just couldn't bring myself to allow to stay there today... It totally took me out of Easy World.

    "Steve, I like you but I'm really not digging this Tony Robbins bullshit. I would like to think that you're better than that. Are you getting desperate? For something? I'm gonna have to start deleting you from the news feed... Why can't you just be yourself? Same goes for Sue. You've become a repellent.

    I thought to myself, if I'm repelling guys like this from posting on my Facebook page, I'm Ok with it. Then I deleted the message & blocked him.

    Aaaahhhh Easy World. ROCKS! All is smooth again!

    Julia, would you have left that on your page? Interesting question....
    • That IS an interesting question! I think I would have deleted it as well. It would have just made you feel bad every time you saw it and it would have led to people lining up to defend you and such--I don't like to foster that kind of us-against-them stuff.

      Knowing my nature, however, I would also have probed myself to see what it is within me that attracted it--what part of it did I believe--what within me was a vibrational match to it? What does it have to teach me?

      A similar thing happened to me on YouTube--someone made some especially harsh comments and it actually helped me clarify some things within myself--it made me look at some things I hadn't wanted to look at and while the person was really not very enlightened, I used what he said as a gift once I calmed my irritated ego down. I didn't have to delete the comments--other users voted it off.

      I usually find that harsh criticism is showing me where there is stuff to be healed and released within me.
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