Easy World Is Wherever I am

From Julia Rogers Hamrick; fearless founder of Easy World:The following is an excerpt from my book Choosing Easy World, which will be released this summer:Easy World is whatever physical place you're in when you choose it. It exists simultaneously with Difficult World, and shares physical space with it. Just like your TV set plays host to both Channel One and Channel Two (and a multitude of other channels), but only fills the screen with one channel at a time, so your physical world is host to multiple realities. Though Easy World is vibrationally and perceptually separate from Difficult World, it is wherever you are when you decide to be there.The chaos and disorder that seem to characterize where you are when you're in Difficult World will, indeed, shift as you choose Easy World. Because being in Easy World upgrades your perceptions to be a vibrational match to the Design for Harmony, it changes how you perceive what you look at. Easy World is a far more beautiful and harmonious reality, so you will see that beauty and harmony reflected in your surroundings—the same surroundings that were not so beautiful and harmonious when you viewed them in Difficult World. Don't be surprised if, when you're in Easy World, things seem more vivid and lustrous and even smell better!Be sure to visit the Easy World Boutique at http://www.cafepress.com/ezworld for great Easy World items to help you spread the word about Easy World!This reminder was brought to you by Julia Rogers Hamrick and Easy World. For more on Easy World, be sure to visit www.ILiveInEasyWorld.comPersonal Note: I do indeed find that I am more aware of scents and flavors when I am hanging out in Easy World, as well as just plain feeling good, even when contemplating what I am now desiring to come to me. I just know that it is coming, the essence or specifics, because of the mere fact of my desire. ~ Patra

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  • I love that idea. I need to do that! :) EASY!
    • That's Easy World, alright! ;)
    • I live in Easy World where everything is luxurious and EASY.
    • I love Easy World and all of the wonderful comforts of home here. Thank you for changing my life, Julia XXOO

    • I live in Easy World where I get wonderful expressions of appreciation for what I do naturally and with ease! ;)

      Thanks for allowing the Easy World energy in, Cheryl!

  • Sometimes, when I want to rapidly access Easy World extra easily and rapidly, I pull out one of my essential oils. A beautiful scent from nature brings your energy into the frontal lobes of your brain where Easy World is accessed with ease! Even just imagining a beautiful scent will do the trick!
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