I can't get to Easy World!

I have read Julia's book and I absolutely loved it!  I try saying the mantra every time I feel overwhelmed or just need to be in easy world but unfortunately easy world is not the real world.  In the real world I am 2months behind on my  rent, my car payment is due, my phone was just shut off for nonpayment and my electric will be shut off if I don't pay it this week.  I am currently unemployed I was laid off in May of this year and I keep looking for a job any job at this point but there isn't anything out there.  So instead of sitting around and doing nothing besides looking for a job and taking care of my family I decided to start a house cleaning business.  Well its been about 6 weeks now and I have one weekly job and I did 2 seasonal cleanings.  So I don't even have clients!  I hate not having money !  So how can easy world help me with that?  i even play lotto in hopes to win even $30 for groceries!  I don't  have anyone i could borrow money from i just don't know what to do anymore!  I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.....or maybe the winning lotto numbers.... Helen

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  • Spirit is making changes in your life, and the best thing to do while you are going through this temporary situation is take on the Easy World mindset, outlook keep going back there...and be careful to guard your words about what is going on…..decide to look forward to the new things that are coming, “make” yourself be expectant of positive new life situations on the way” that you gotta know are coming.

    When you start to worry, fret and speak negatively about your current situation, you could be slowing down and blocking what great changes are coming your way. Is house cleaning your highest dream or just something you are grabbing at? Get quiet somewhere and ask Spirit (that still, small voice deep within yourself) about your dream job/business what to do next (even if it is "wait"). If you are just grabbing at anything, you can be slowing down what Spirit has in store…. Get your dream back (something you dreamed of as a child?)….and picture yourself in detail in your mind all the time and do it every time you worry, fret and freak out about your situation. Of course you are working to pay bills as you can right now, but focus on what great things are coming…..keep your dream alive in yourself, talk about it, get information, meet people something is going to happen and you will be available to pursue it. Think on positive things, be expectant especially when you catch yourself "hating not having money".

    How do I know this for sure? Short version of just one experience (I've also been without a home, job, relationship) but that is another story:

    My husband fell down a flight of stairs at work and broke his foot in four places. When he told his boss he had to have surgery and couldn’t travel as was part of his job as a compliance examiner, they fired him from the job he loved, despite the fact he was on Workers Compensation. Here he was, on crutches facing surgery and a long recovery, how was he going to find another job? He was devastated and discouraged. I just had a really strong feeling that something great was coming so I told him “now is the time to do what you REALLY love, and that is aviation(he was already a private pilot but just a real nut about anything aviation (he even loves birds!)). (He had often told me his regrets of not being able to follow his ultimate dream: of being a military jet pilot).

    I told him he could go to school while recuperating and take every darn class he could. He volunteered to sit with pilots (at all hours of the night) and help them through some of the specialty training which led to a scholarship (very large one) as well as lots of connections for him. He never in his wildest dreams thought his career would be that of a Learjet pilot and Learjet instructor starting in his late 40’s …yet that is what happened. What if he had not broken his foot, if he had not been unfairly fired, if we had not kept positive about it?

    The entire time I kept telling him what I pictured in my mind: When he would get discouraged, I would say, Honey I see you dressed in a pilot’s uniform the kind with boards on the shoulders, and you are flying “rock stars” in the back of your plane and I would laugh and laugh imagining how cool that would be rock stars HAHA….I kept that up for two years (how long it took for his foot to heal/for completion of his education/training). (I never shared this vision with anyone else which I think is important) I even looked at uniforms to see exactly what they looked like.

    And do you know it all came true exactly as I visualized , today he flies a variety of VIP passengers, but one of the very first he flew was a famous celebrity who put on a rock concert to raise money for New Orleans after the hurricane.

    When times get tough we look back to that situation (and so many other situations we have been through) and still marvel at how really bad times led to his highest dream, that he thought, at first, was impossible.

    So hang in there, I believe and expect something wonderful to come out of your transitional time and then you will have a story to share!!!!
  • i know sometimes it is tough! i understand you, don't give up hope and prayers... stand up! i am sure some help will come. i am praying for you. love
  • I would just like to send love and powerful intentions that you will have an excellent job, and/or win the lottery. Big hugs, Cindy
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