I ordered the Easy World book a few weeks ago & REALLY wanted it to arrive in time for my holiday (got it through Amazon) but it didn't and it was FRUSTRATING when my landlord brought up amazon packages twice and they were both for him and I even heard him say "I wasn't expecting these to arrive for three more weeks." GRRR!
HOWEVER FINALLY my book arrived and as probably EVERYONE on PI knows cos I have mentioned it enough! things are going well with me but I am struggling to feel more confident and less fearful about changing my career next summer.  I think about it now & talk about it now cos I don't like my job though I find the good in it as much as possible, and anticipating my career changes gives me HOPE.  But sometimes I've also felt unsure.
ANYWAY Julia's book has been very helpful in this.  Sometimes I feel like it's speaking exactly to me, exactly for what I am going through and yet I can see how it is also helpful generally speaking not just in this situation.  After I started reading and applying it, the next day after I started, a day that seemed like it was going to be awful & chaotic was SO much easier!  Things worked out differently than we were told they would and wasn't awful or chaotic at all.  
So I cannot recommend it enough, this book is a real treasure! I am only about half way through it and I look forward to reading and applying more! 

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  • So happy to hear that Choosing Easy World arrived right on time, Athena! ;)

    Also, that you are getting a lot out of it. I am always happy to hear that my work is making a difference!

    Keep up the great work and please keep telling your friends!

    xoxo Julia
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