Hi Julia and all my co Easy Worlders!

I finally received my copy of the book yesterday, so I can now sort out any questions I had before - BTW Julia, a lot of stores here in the UK were releasing the book at the end of March, so expect a lot of Brits coming this way soon I'm sure!


As the title says, I have an interview on Tuesday, due to Easy World's intervention I am in no doubt!

Anyway I am already calmer then I have ever been previously when something like this comes up but just wondered if anyone has any Easy World advice they could give me? Maybe on the lines of saying to myself "because  I live in Easy World, I can answer any questions I am asked" or Because I live in Easy World, People always find me capable and confident"


I'm sure I'll be fine just would like a little more armour against the dredded DWD!


Love to all





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  • Thanks LOA for your reply!

    I'm sure I will be fine - I feel a lot more confident now then I ever have before any previous job interview, so I'll just keep saying the phrase!

    I think what as helped as well is knowing that if I stay in EW and nothing comes of this then something else is being aligned for me, so I'll just keep looking forward.


    Lots of love



    • Christina said, "I think what as helped as well is knowing that if I stay in EW and nothing comes of this then something else is being aligned for me, so I'll just keep looking forward."


      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a huge key. HUGE. ''


      And remember--along with the magic words, you need to breathe...relax...allow...enjoy...and watch the magic unfold!

    • Thanks for your reply Julia!

      As I think I knew deep down, nothing did come of this job interview but I am pleased to say that where I would normally have at least one day of  feeling sorry for myself, comfort eating, crying or all three! I said to myself "Oh well, that wasn't the one for me, on to the next one" and I felt fine.

      I am in no doubt whatsoever that good things are coming my way and all will be well. Even though someone looking at my life from the outside would disagree I'm sure, they don't know what I know!

      Thank you Julia for bringing us Easy World, I'm very pleased I emigrated!


      Lots of love


    • Now THAT'S progress! Moving right along! Because there's absolutely no need to grieve the loss of something that only your ego thought was yours!

      I'm glad you emigrated as well. Easy World loves having you as a citizen as I'm sure you can tell!!!

  • Great news Christina! I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do it and if you are comfortable with what you've come up with, by all means use it. What I love about EW is that it is flexible enough for individuality. My experience has been to let it all go, in other words I just say the EW phrase without anything else. Once I move to EW, I naturally handle anything that comes up in the right way and everything works out the best way for everyone. So I don't even have to worry about the details! However, if I'm really stressed, I will tell myself that in EW everything works out for my highest good. I hope that helps!
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