More EW News!

Life has been great here in EW! I wanted to share a few more EW miracles.

A couple of weeks ago the spacebar on my computer fell off the keyboard, it's old and had been used for years. It's a laptop computer so it would mean buying a whole new computer not just a keyboard to fix. However, my husband fixed it himself by putting a piece of plastic under the spacebar which held it onto the keyboard.

Yesterday I unknowingly downloaded a virus on the computer which shut it down. I was able to use my husband's for work, but we worried about how to pay to have someone repair mine. Today he called an IT guy who works for the company my husband works for and asked him what he'd charge to look at mine. "Nothing," he said. "You can owe me one sometime."

I'm so grateful you wrote about EW Julia! Thank you!

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  • Yay!!! And when it IS time for a new one, Easy World will get one for you!

    Did you read the Easy World story of how I got a new laptop? I decided I needed one as my old one was slowing down, had some "issues" and seemed like it was going to conk out. So...even though we didn't seem to have the budget for one, it seemed important enough to go out on a limb for in advance of any kind of breakdown, and so we ordered one configured perfectly for my needs.

    Within 24 hours of when hubby placed the order, we got a check in the mail--totally out of the blue--for the amount of the computer, rounded up to the nearest five dollar increment! And the funny thing was, the check was part of a settlement of a class action suit we hadn't even known about!

    Without going into the whole story, we had been minorly inconvenienced some years earlier when a company had to access our basement to measure air quality due to a chemical spill a mile or so away from our house. The settlement was NOT against the chemical spill (so cashing the check did not let them off the hook for damages relating to that), but against the inconvenience of having to let the measuring folks into our basement about 8 times over a few-year period! (I can't even believe someone thought to sue for that, but I wasn't going to turn the money down!)

    I just LOVE how the Universe has ways and ways and ways to bring you blessing that you couldn't cook up if you had a million years!

    • LOL - lawyers think of everything, don't they? Great story Julia.

      Here's another one that happened over the weekend. I had postponed getting a much-needed piece of equipment costing $200 because I thought I could manage to limp by on what I had. Suddenly, it pooped out and I was forced to purchase a replacement. The great thing was it was on sale for $149 at the first place I called. Woo-hoo! :D

    • Yay! Bargains abound in Easy World!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks Julia! Here's some more good stuff. When I finally got my computer back it ran better than ever (it's old and we were thinking we'd have to replace it) so I'm expecting some more time out of it.
  • I love that you're finding solutions to your Difficult World problems in Easy World! And not letting those problems strand you in Difficult World!

    As always, thanks for sharing your experiences. Keep that up!

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