No "should do's" in Easy World!



I recently read the book and still have it on my bed, but it has been very inspiring. I used to feel helpless, and think that only the unlimited conciousness can make decisions while I, the limited player, have to play limited games. Once I found the truth from Robert Scheinfeld's Busting Loose model, I began to reflect on my life and realized that the holographic model of the universe was presented to me in another book too but with a different interpretation, and that it all made sense because that's how the EGO self had to find out.


I have never really been a spiritual/magical person, so this is quite the step. I pray to my limitless conciousness to make life easier. One of the Julia's letter came in where the spirit said that there is no "should do's", and that made sense. All my life and even now at times, I felt like I was tied down by responsibilities and have to work in unpleasant jobs, and felt lonely being single too. Its all well played in its context, but I hope that in Easy World, I set and intention, and the rest takes care of itself. I would love to drop my current job as a burger flipper and do something which is fun and well paid. I am also taking a bootcamp on social dynamics this winter to really open up my personality and maximize my gains. However, my parents are very protective so I hope that in Easy World, I can always go out without them worrying that I am in bad company or being ripped off.


Thank you Julia for all that you have done for me, and I certainly look forward to a new life in Easy World!

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  • Thanks man! We do miss your presence in TrueCreativePower. I guess, my stories are not intense anymore. They just are. THere is a book by Joe Vitale called Zero Limits. Very understandable.
  • Good to see you here Batman.


    I haven't been here in a while, and I just felt like dropping by to see what I could post.

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