I was sorry I missed Tuesday's teleconference - I had to go to a work-related meeting. I have been very concerned about Japan and was asking myself just today the best way to handle my fears and how to help those in need there. Can you share anything here Julia about the discussion?

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  • Thank you Donna and Julia! Donna, I love your thought. I have been using it. Thanks Julia for making the meditation available. I do wonder how I can reconcile in myself tragedies such as the earthquake in Japan. I  can help with donations, but can I use EW somehow to help victims there in other ways?
  • I am going to upload the recording and share it a.s.a.p.

    Meantime, you simply can't go wrong by choosing Easy World and moving to higher vibrational frequency!

    Also, I put a link to a wonderful EFT/tapping meditation with Jessica Ortner on my blog that really helped me re-center and get calm--check it out.

    Oasis of peace - Julia Rogers Hamrick
  • I like that, Donna!
  • My easiest thought is "Earth is regaining her balance now, and so am I".

    I feel it sets me up for the best possible positive feeling about the whole situation.

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