Why aren't I picking them up?

This is a question about today's Love letter.


Dearest christina,

Sometimes you ask me why you can't have something you're longing for. Well, I'm not the one to ask! Ask the one who doesn't want you to have your hearts desires. Me? I'm the one who not only planted those desires, I'm holding them in escrow for you and waiting for you to pick them up!

Your Spirit

P.S. Some of the grandest things being held in store for you are ones you decided you wanted when you were only a child. They're still ready for pick up whenever you're ready to stop believing the lie that told you that you couldn't have them.


What I wonder is, what exactly is holding these desires away from me? I offer no resistance and "allow" my Spirit control of my life and guide me. I radiate love and I am happier and more content with what I have then ever before. But my individual desires and dreams still allude me.


If I'm still some how "resisting" or not "allowing" how do I know and how do I change?

Sorry if a bit rambling but I'm sure you understand what I mean!


Thanks for help in advance.



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  • Oh LOA and Giovani !!


    Thanks you so much for your replies!

    Just what I needed today and has given me a real boost.


    I think I am going to give myself some quiet time and just let myself be and work up from there using the lovely advice you gave.



    Thanks again!


    Lots of love



  • Hi Christina,

    Thanks for being able to just come out & ask, rather than beating yourself up. :O)

    The way I see it, it's not about forcing out "positivity." And it's not about rejecting "bad" feelings.

    Perhaps you remember that scene in THE MATRIX, where an enlightened little boy bends a spoon and tells Neo not to try bending the spoon, as that would be impossible. Instead, Neo should recognize the truth--that there is no spoon--but that it is himself that he must bend.

    Obviously, it's not really spoons that he's talking about.

    Look at negative thought or feelings as the spoon, Christina. You mustn't resist your negativity.

    If you fight with a muddy pig, even if you win, you get muddy. Right?

    Instead, you must coax the pig out of wherever it is, without touching it. You must bend yourself around the spoon and change your perspective without focusing on the spoon itself.

    So, let's apply that general sense of things that I suspect you've got a feel for and that can start making sense with a little help.

    First, let yourself notice what you're feeling. Even if what you're feeling is some naughty "negative" emotion. It's okay that you feel it. Dwelling on it's not necessary, but simply take a reading.

    Let's say you settle down, notice how your gut feels and the rest of your body and force field, and you decide you're feeling helpless.



    Well, your Emotional Guidance System is in good shape. It works. That's good, isn't it? That's the system that tells you whether you really want to step into that dark store with the weird characters. That's the system that tells you it's all right to hug that little kid looking up at you. You definitely want that to be in good working order! :O)

    Okay, so you feel helpless.

    What a negative feeling means is that--on some level--you're used to better than this. People talk about THE SECRET, but most can't say in a few words what The Secret is. The secret isn't even Law Of Attraction. The Secret is YOUR secret identity.




    In your mundane life, you walk around as mild-mannered Christina, but--in reality--the vast majority of who you are is an infinite being of awesome power whose every experience is blissful. That's why you're never satisfied with feeling blah or worse. Bliss and power are what you're "secretly" used to, Christina.

    But you've come here to experience the fun of feeling lots of points along the emotional continuum. You know you've got the power to go from anywhere to where you like, so you're not gonna instantly zoom into bliss. All you need to do is take the next logical step from the feeling you're now in.

    If you can get--for example--from helplessness to revenge, that's a step up! ;O)

    Just think on something that feels better. Experiment. Think something and then say, "Uh, feels worse. How about..." and try something different. Next, you might say, "Unrealistic! I can't feel it. Wayyyy too positive." And keep trying until something feels like, "Well, yeah. That feels better. I can see myself feeling that."

    And dwell in THAT space for a while. When you're ready, you can move up another notch. Eventually, you'll be in the area of hope, and every move up will be in the "positive" end of the spectrum.

    You're just noticing a misunderstanding in the whole idea of these practices. Actually, it's your Emotional Guidance System (as Abraham-Hicks calls it) warning you that there's more to this than meets the eye. Excellent, Christina! You're obviously in good shape. Congratulate yourself, more. I'm proud of you. :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi Christina, the message for me is that it is only ourselves who stand in the way of achieving our dreams. We always have excuses not to pursue them, cleverly blaming third parties or circumstances for our failure to achieve in order to fool ourselves. But when I look beyond the excuses, I see it is always only my attitudes and beliefs that have held me back.
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