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"EASY WORLD" Revealed....

Is Easy World a person, place, or thing? Would we refer to EW as a noun?The EW affirmation, "I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy," does not tell me about a person, place or a thing because when I say it I get a good feeling. And w

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I feel Welcome in Easy World

This is such an experience right now. That is to enter Easy World. I just moved in, or signed in and I feel so good about saying, "I live in easy world!It reminds me of always going with the Stream only better. Yes, I feel a sort of bliss.Thank you E

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Whats constant in Easy world?

Whats constant in Easy world?Now you might say...Ahh thats easy soul express...the feeling of easy is what is constant in Easy world.And I will say to you no it is not.And then you might go ...ahh but soul express...if things are not easy then you ar

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Daily Saying Of The Magic Words

Hi-i!Thanks, for choosing Easy World!Patra picked-up this thread, in the past, which I certainly relied on. Well, someone has got to pick it up, now. So, here goes! ;O)It feels great, doesn't it, to simply say it? "I choose to live in Easy World, whe

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Using The Word Easy

Just using the word EASY as many times as I can in as many ways as I can just seems to make things easier. I drive for four hours easily. It is easy for me to lose 50 pounds and get to my high school weight. Money flows to me easily. I easily slip in

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Music in Easy World

What kind of music puts you in an Easy World mood? Of course, Easy Listening probably would, perhaps some jazz or something relaxing. I came up with a few songs to remind me I'm in Easy World. Please feel free to add your favorites. When I get enough

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A phone call to Easy World

Hi Y'allI just had a wonderful Easy World interaction, and couldn't wait to share it! This morning when I checked our bank account I noticed a debit of $39.95 from a source I wasn't familiar with. After a bit of head-scratching, my husband and I wond

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