Freedom and abundance are our natural state of being. We are free to choose our own path and we can manifest abundance deliberately. We should follow our heart and our dreams and, in so doing, will achieve effortless abundance
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  • Hello Effortless Abundance Group,

    My name is Brian Maxwell. I've been a member for a few months and it's absolutely amazing. I truly would like to commend you and congratulate you for your conscious decision to develop powerful Master Mind relationships and networks. The proper associations is a key element in transforming your life and creating the lifestyle that you desire for yourself. Let me tell you why.

    With the current over-play of the economic downturn, unemployment, and home foreclosures it's easy to see how so many people are completely overcome with fear, anxiety, and depression. One thing I've noticed and documented from the thousands of interviews with successful people of all walks of life from CEO, Top Level Executive, Management, Employees, Athletes, Physicians etc... is this. Successful people spend more time making their own news than they do watching the news. Why is this so important?

    Because many people believe that successful people don't have any problems, but one thing I constantly point out in my Personal Coaching, Seminars, and Free Online Trainings is the "Successful people still have problems, they understand identify the problem and solve it".
    Of course there are things you can't change like the weather and the seasons, but the one thing that you have absolute control over is YOU! Wouldn't it be great if became more successful, made more money, and created better relationships in your life?

    Many are waiting on the perfect time, but unfortunately the perfect time doesn't exist (so many use this phrase and I have yet to see it on any calender ever made) except for the time you make. Have you heard the phrase "People that don't have goals end up working for people that do"? What are your goals for 2009 and what is your plan to accomplish them?

    You are invited to my *Free* Webinar "Taking it to the Next Level"

    You'll leave with:
    #1: Discover how to Attract what you want in our every day life
    #2:Double your income and double your time off (what good is more money if you don't also have more time to enjoy it? You'll get proven tips that provide you with both).
    #3:Break through Resistance and unlock the chains that are holding you back. (Why is it you "know what to do, but don't "do what you know"? In this training, you'll discover these answers - and dissolve resistance).

    This event only hold 997 besides myself, my guest, and the facilitator. We have 67 spaces left, I encourage you to register now and witness the power of Master Mind groups.

    With Love,
    Brian Maxwell
    Success Coach For The Generation Of Change
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  • Hello and Welcome....Please add me as a friend......



  • If I ever needed anything in my life right now, it would
    be a lump sum of at least 40thousand, extra in case I need to pay taxes

    I can be in a place to quit my job
    so I can focus on school and going to the gym
    a membership I have hardly used cause I am so tired from work

    I feel like I am dying, stressed out
    back hurts,
    If I ever needed a break, it would be now
    so I get more than 6 hours of sleep
    and I can relax and become healhty and then I will have more energy
    and vitality to find other work in a hanful of months.

    I need a nest egg to carry me over.
    I can't do this anymore.
  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for inviting me. Sorry it took a while to click the link.

  • oh my gosh, I am intending to have an Easy Life
    so much abundance, effortless, easy. I am not liking my job
    so hard to go there, drive there, money for gas to get there, drained every day
    choosing to figure out what else I can do, easy hours, work from home as well
    easy, Fun, helping others, more money!
  • silva%20400x100.gif
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Who or What Made Your Day Today?

It seems everyone wants to be happy if not always, at least sometimes. As usual, there are days when we are down and other days we are on cloud nine. The bottom line for all our wants and wishes is to feel good. Appreciation is the ultimate means for our letting in well-being and manifestations. Share with us who or what made you feel good today. It can lead to some wonderful things happening to you. You could be surprised.

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