A NEW 8-Part Prosperity Tips Video Series is Now Available!


This new video series is taken from a 2012 radio interview in which I share

numerous Prosperity Tips plus breakthrough Law of Attraction guidelines.


In these inspiring and informative videos, you will find:

What led me to produce the PowerVision Dynamics' program in 1986.

Detailed guidelines for creating through the heart, rather than the mind.

The significance of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions when using the Law of Attraction

to create your visions in life.

Explanations of the Law of Contraction and the Law of Expansion.

Guidelines for applying The Money PowerVision!

An easy and powerful LOA Technique to Create Money FAST!

Numerous diagrams that explain all of the guidelines.

• Never-before-released photos that accompany the stories throughout.


Ble$$ings & Abundance, Carole Doré

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  • Prosperity Tips - #8: Power Wealth Affirmations / Wealth Summary!

  • Prosperity Tips - 7: PowerVision Wealth Manifestations!

  • Prosperity Tips - #6: How to Stop Worrying About Money!

  • Prosperity Tips - #5: How to Become One with Money!

  • So glad you're enjoying the new Pro$perity Tips video series. Let me know the results you obtain from the latest. Lots of $XO$XO

  • Prosperity Tips - #4: LOA Technique to Create Money FAST!

  • My angels nudged me to come visit this page today. I am SO glad I did. These videos were awesome. I feel like everything you have written here and through your book and spoken through your audio programs came full circle for me. I had noticed a dip in my vibrations (tends to happen during that time of the month) and I was doing all that I knew to do  to manifest big money and nothing big was happening. I had been feeling panicky as bills were starting to fall behind. My guidance here reminded me of something I shared on this forum long time ago - sniffing money 6 x a day, every day, works!


    Thank you, Carol. I look forward to the next installments.

    P.S. I've been studying a lot of attract money through your mind books and resources and I can honestly say, it felt very aggressive for me, as if I were pushing against a brick wall, trying to hard to manifest through my mind. I'm going to revisit the Money CD as well and reconnect with MY POWER. XOXOX


  • Prosperity Tips - #3: The Money PowerVision!

  • Prosperity Tips - #2: How to Create With Power!

  • Prosperity Tips - #1: Introduction: Creating Through the Heart!

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