Excitement vs. Enthusiasm

I keep hearing Carole talk about "excitement kills manifestations," that we should be "enthusiastic" instead.

This doesn't make sense to me. We all get excited about things, and excitement is a pleasurable feeling. It encompasses joy, happiness, bliss, anticipation, relief, fulfillment...a whole range of wonderful positive feelings. Why is this bad?

I do understand that when it gets out of control, it could, like anything out of control, be detrimental and have the opposite effect. 

But how is "excitement" different from "enthusiasm," when it comes to how we FEEL?

To me, they feel the same. 

The other part that doesn't make sense about this is that Carole emphasizes that we have to let the inner child lead -- our female inside, the feminine aspect -- but children get excited all the time! If you tell a child they're going to Disneyland, they're GOING TO BE EXCITED. They're also going to be enthusiastic, but definitely excited.

Whenever I start to feel excited about something, I remember Carole's words about not getting excited because it will kill it, and I stuff my excitement...which isn't good either. I just don't know what to do with the feelings that come up -- I'm enthusiastic, yes, but ALSO excited.

Other teachers tell you to "follow your excitement," and Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss." To me these are all wonderful feelings that tell us that we're on the right track, that this is the path we should be following.

Carole, can you please explain why excitement is so bad, HOW it differs from enthusiasm, and how we can tell the difference? Thank you!

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