i need some advise please :)

Hello beautiful people,hope u are all well and u continue attract ur desires!!!

I m here in that group for over a week and i feel so grateful and love reading ur stories and explainations of what u do to manifest ur desires.

I wanna ask u something..for that moment i cant buy the Emergency Handbook or another Caroles cd but im sure that soon i m gonna buy them all :)

well about my question : can somenone expain me the Animated Technique?how we do that?and for what situation?i mean we can do it for everything?


I send u love and smiles to all of u..

keep writing success stories when u have time...i Really LIKE them sooooooo much.


take care


love Sirkah

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  • Hi, Sirkah!


    I apologize for my delayed response.


    WOW!!! You are really using the techniques! It's such a freeing and liberating feeling to truly experience the Power Within!


    Your enthusiasm is so refreshing!

    Stay Connected to your Power Within!


    Teresa - IM12CR8

  • hey csnventure thanks alot :)

    u have manifest things u wrote on rewriting ur day ? we can write anything we want right?like it happened the day?

    • Yes, I have manifested things, and changed the outcome of my day to me more positive or the way I wanted it to go. I got a raise at work, a new computer after complaining to the store the one they sold me was not working properly. Many great things have happened when I rewrite my day! 

      Just write how you would have liked your day to go! 


      Blessings and love to you

    • i llike that csnventure i do it everynight and the nice is that i wake up the morning with soooo much energy and im positive and happy all day.its so nice,also i write something that havent in my life yet like i have them.is that ok right?i feel so good about it.the first day was somehow strange feelings but now when i write like '' i had a date with my love one'' i feel like i had the date :D its so funny .love that technique too.

      i hope soon im gonna have all Carols cds cant wait to buy them and listen them :)

       i love u all

      thanks so much for ur help :)

    • the sniffing money technique help me so much to earn money everyday I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!from zero to some money in a few weeks.im so happy!!!!
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  • Great job Sirkah manifesting! You are doing so well with the techniques! I have to agree with Toni the rewriting your day has always worked wonders for me! The second I feel like something is not going so great, I stop, and rewrite it, it feels great, my vibration returns to high, and something positive always comes out of it.



  • Congrats again, sirkah!  What a terrific manifestation.  Someone else on here, TeresaIM12Cr8, I think, also manifested a pair of awesome boots at an amazing price.  Good for you!  Way to create the life you want.




    • OH yes i read Teresa's post :) its awesome how fats we manifest anything we want.i cant belive that :)

      love it and love u all here for ur help u give me :)

  • Today i had another fast manifestation with animated technique!!!!!!!!i wanted to go to the mall and buy boots before i go i was in my house and did the animated technique!!i said to myself im gonna buy boots with 10 euros!!but my negative thought came ''u cant find boots with 10 euros '' so i said ok i will buy boots with less that 20 euros!!

    i went to the mall and BAMM i bought a pair from 45 euros i got them 12 euros !!!!!!!!! and another one from 20 euros i got them 6 !!!!!!!!!! 6 eurossssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!1i cant belive that!!! so i spend 18 euros and i have 2 pairs of awesome boots!!!!!!!

    im sure im gonna manifest soon and carols cds!!!!!!

    thanks Toni for expain me that awesome and powerful technique love uuuuuuuuuuu



  • oh thanks so much Toni for telling me more techniques cause i dont have any cd yet.i really appreciate it :)

    im gonna try it for sure its soooooo easy :)

    is there any other technique that i can use without i have the cds?until i buy them?if yes i would love to tell me some more to practise them.im so ethusiastic about all ur posts here.

    thanks so much for everything and your help :)


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