Male/Female Integration

Hi all

How are you?  Hope you are all well, loving life and having fun!  I thought I would start a discussion page about the M/F integration so we can share our experiences of it.

I had a profound experience last night.  I had listened to the Wings of Gold recordings, and decided that I wasn't quite 'ready' for the Mystical Marriage, so I listened to the Magical Rapture over and over until last night, I was in tears at the change in the relationship between my inner Male and Female.  I cried tears of joy almost all the way through the recording, and the insights and realisations were so profound, so wonderful.  

My inner Male and Female are ready now for the Mystical Marriage!  As with all Carole's programs, I have found there is a process of change that is sometimes quite subtle, and then BAM!  Life-changing!  

I would love to hear your experiences with the M/F course.



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  • Ooh, how delicious Patricia!  


  • My mystical marriage experience occurred spontaneously - I dreamed the mystical marriage occurred, then learned from an outside source what it was - prior to my dream I had no idea.  Profound, discombobulating shifts occurred in my life after the dream.  My life changed 360.   When I met Carole and learned she had a course about this I was so pleased.  Really loved reviewing her course.  Becoming one with M/F is a huge step forward.


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