This thread topic is for me to rave about the Powervision Contemplations!!! LolMy favorites are the Money & Success and The Empowering Relationships but let me tell you---The Empowering Relationships has taken my heart by storm!!!I have one word for ER----SWOON!!! Someone please tell me how I can use it to manifest money too because it keeps me feeling good. TOO GOOD!!! haha Sends my body floating right into the 5th dimension and I wish I could stay there!So far I've only been able to purchase the mini emergency handbook and these contemplations since I don't start work until next week. Next on my list is "Visualization-The Power of Your Heart", (which should have been first I know) and then the "Intensified Prosperity Teleworkshop" IN THAT ORDER!!!Any tips on how to get the most out of what I do have and I also wanted to ask do the MP3s contain the same amount of information as the CDs? I'm impatient now that I've gotten a taste.I WANT MORE!!! I WANT MORE!!! I WANT MORE!!!Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! :-)

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  • Hi Toni!

    Yes I've been sniffing the money but sometimes I fall off from doing it when I'm feeling good but eventually go back when things start moving too slow for my liking. lol

    All my bills end up being paid miraculously---as soon as I start to worry about where it's coming from the Power provides for me. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

    So happy your legal situation got resolved and that stress is behind you. Been a part of this group for a year and I've been following your posts. You're the best!

    That just reminded's a cool little experience I had after listening to ER. After about an hour of me listening to it my special gentleman friend texted me telling me how amazing I am. This was at 3am. I thought that was a sure sign I was deeply in touch with the Power.

  • Welcome, BrazenManifestor!  So glad you found us.  I love to hear that folks are appreciating Carole's gifts to us.  I love her Contemplations as well, and ER makes me feel extra-connected to my Beloved Power, if that makes any sense.

    As for manifesting money, Carole teaches that every desire has two forms:  the inner form, the one in your heart, and the outer form, the one you can touch, taste, smell, etc.  Once you have the created the inner form, every time you connect to your Beloved Power and tap into that energy, it flows through all the desires in your heart, including money.  So, no worries.  ER will help you attract not only relationships, but money, radiant health, whatever you desire.  Your Beloved Power knows you so well, and loves you soooo much.  I think it's the connection that matters, not the particular Contemplation you're listening to.  Although the contemplations are delicious!!!!  Just keep raising that vibration, being playful and light about it all, and you'll live in synchronicity like you wouldn't believe.  Things will fall into place like -- magic!  I had a legal situation resolved with absolutely NO input from me -- I just turned to my Power and let Him handle the details.  It was awesome!

    I'm pretty sure the MP3s are exactly the same as the CDs, just in a digital format.  Carole usually lets us know if she's updated her content.  My first go-round with the Visualization class was on cassette tapes!

    Are you also doing the Money PowerVision (sniffing the currency)?   That works a treat!  

    Blessings and abundance to you,


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