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Hi guys


Thought I'd create a thread for the new fabulous teleseminar!  I know a few of you have said you are signed up.  I just booked my place now - but I won't be 'live' on the call as it's the middle of the night for me and I shall be in the land of nod!  But I will be there in spirit and will be catching up as soon as I can get the mp3!  


For anyone who doesn't know about the teleseminar, here's a link


Looking forward to this new teleclass!





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  • OMG! I love your story Curtiss! You inspired me so much to be consistent and of course I will be using your formula. Thanks for sharing. I would love to have manifest a Debt Cancellation too.

  • I just found a list I'd written back in March, 2011. 


    1. New washer, maybe matching dryer 
    2. New patio furniture 
    3. Trip to Orlando/Harry Potter World 
    4. Patio door for cats 
    5. Trip to Anaheim for SharePoint Conference 


    Here's what I acquired in 2011:

    1. New washer/dryer pair (matching set). I bought these in August, brand new at an outlet center, for about half the going retail price.

    2. Patio door for cats. I bought this in April after getting tired of being the 'doorman' for my cats. :)

    Here's what I manifested in 2011. You can look back at some of my earlier posts in this thread to read the stories about them both.

    1. Trip to Orlando.
    My employer sent me to Orlando for training in September. I didn't get to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while there, but I did get to go to Disney World

    2. Trip to Anaheim for the SharePoint Conference.
    In September, I found out I'd won a trip to the SharePoint Conference in October. I won it by retweeting a certain tweet on Twitter. The company was choosing someone at random from everyone who retweeted that particular tweet. I only retweeted once, and I ended up winning. The contest paid for my conference fee (about $2000), my hotel stay for six nights, and reimbursed me for airfare to and from Anaheim.

    Here's what I still don't have:
    New patio furniture. I've not gotten complete clarity about exactly what furniture I want just yet. :)

    Bottom line is, this stuff works. And I have to mention that in August and September, I was listening to the Male/Female Integration Musical Audio every day, and was in perfect synchronicity.

    I'm going to make a new list, and it's going to include manifesting a trip to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this November. :) 

    Lots of love and joy!


  • Lol Laura - love your Epic Month of Awesomeness!  I was laughing aloud reading your story about Duran Duran - I was crazy about them as a kid...and might be going to see them in December.  My favourite was I think it is SO COOL that you got your photo taken with him!  :-D  What wonderful energy you have and I'm loving what you're creating!  xxx
    • what would be some high vibration music examples i could find on YouTube and/or Pandora?



    • There's a lot of stunning classical music (I love Ludovico Einaudi), opera (try pavarotti), love songs (when you contemplate the lyrics as coming from the Power, there is a shift in energy that is utterly profound!).  It also depends on your taste in music, so I would start with love songs in your favourite genre (and then I think Pandora has a 'like this' function so you can find more things that you might like)...but do listen to the lyrics and make sure they're positive and loving...some love songs are actually a bit negative and slightly disturbing when you listen to the lyrics!  Lol.

      Hope that helps!




  • Wow, Laura!  Your stories have me grinning from ear to ear!  What wonderful advertures and what delightful gifts from your Power.  I can feel your enthusiasm and joy -- thank you for sharing, because now my own vibration is so much higher!!!  You sure savored that experience!  Way to create!  I couldn't be happier for you, truly.

    Isn't this a magical way to live?  The bliss alone would be more than enough, but on top of feeling good, we get to have all kinds of amazing adventures, compliments of the Universe!




    • Thanks! I could hardly believe my luck some of the time, but just kept saying thanks and yes and keep it coming, you know? Being back home is nice but at the same time I've been having trouble adjusting to the old routine and such mundane tasks as laundry and dishes. I have to remind myself to listen to the high vibration musical to put me back up to where I'd been when all that was going on. I have to work on making better transitions, I guess. :)
      I know if I keep the bliss and the joy flowing, it will self-perpetuate. I love that about it. Once you get there, life is so much easier and so much more FUN!
  • I've been meaning to post this story for a week now but I've been off work so much lately (enjoying the bliss!) that I've been super busy back at work. Anyway, I just have to tell you about a couple of things that happened on my last 2 trips. Sorry, this post will probably be longer than my already abnormally long posts. :)


    First, the California trip, it was absolutely amazing! I won the trip to CA to attend a professional conference and got to spend a week learning more about the software I work with, and meeting so many wonderful, helpful people in my field. The networking opportunities alone are worth the price of admission (which for me was FREE!). The weather was beautiful of course, and the scenery kept me smiling and feeling blissful. While there, I met too many awesome people to mention, but this one person really stood out. The main party event for the conference was held at Disneyland. The Disneyland park shut down for our private party that night. In order to attend, you had to wear a wristband that came in your conference materials. In the hours before the Disneyland event, a random stranger came up to me in the hotel lobby and gave me her wristband, saying she wouldn't be attending the event and she hoped I could give it to someone who could use it. A few minutes later, I was meeting with a few people in my particular line of work, and I told them the story. They said they weren't planning to attend, either, so I could have their wristbands, too, if I wanted them. I took the two extras and that made three extra wristbands for me. I tried to get local friends of mine to come with me (they, too, are in the same field), but they weren't able to make it on short notice. So I got onto Twitter to ask if anyone needed a pass to the Disneyland party. I saw that a guy I'd met the night before was looking for at least two extras, so I tweeted him to tell him I had some. He told me to take a cab to his location and he'd pay for the cab, because he had people there waiting for wristbands. I went back to my room, changed into comfy shoes, put on my own wristband and headed out. I got to his location quickly and met up with him. He introduced me to the CEO of one of the big sponsors, plus three people for whom I was able to get the wristbands for so they could join us at Disneyland. One of the wristband recipients was a friend of his from high school who was also attending the conference but didn't get a wristband. The three of us hung out at the park together the entire night. Both men were very nice, perfect gentlemen, and a lot of fun to hang around. The wristband seeker guy is absolutely amazing. He got us into the private party hosted by the sponsors. He knew everybody, all the CEOs, and he just made things happen and opened doors. Every time I think of him I'm reminded of Carole saying, "I see you going before me and opening all the doors." He's like that. He is a great person to know and so inspirational to me. 

    Once the conference was over, I met up with the friends of mine I'd wanted to come with me to Disneyland. We'd planned dinner together and then were going to meet another friend of mine at her place of employment. Dinner was great, and afterwards we headed towards Studio City, where Google Maps had told me her restaurant was located. We ended up taking the scenic route through Beverly Hills and Mulholland Drive, and they pointed out the views and other awesome things. It was magical. Once we got to the restaurant and I inquired about my friend, they said she didn't work there, but at the NEW location in Culver City! We had just been really close to Culver City when we were at dinner! Oh well, another trip back down to Culver City to meet my friend. My hosts were very gracious about the mix up. The restaurant was so new, it wasn't on Google maps yet. It was great to see my friend and introduce her to my other friends. Once we got back to the parking garage, we noticed the view from there of the city--yet another breathtaking view. What a joyous night! All in all, a fantastic trip, and I sincerely believe it was given to me because the week I won it, I was listening to the High Vibrational musical and Male-Female Integration musical non stop!


    Next up, and the last of my 3 trips in September/October, was to Atlanta to see my all-time favorite band, Duran Duran. I have been a fan of theirs since 1982 and have seen them in concert 10 times before this show. I'd managed to score 2nd row seats to this show, closer than I'd ever been. I had to pay extra for them, but to me it was well worth it. I drove down to Atlanta the day of the show. The first half of the trip, I listened to the Money & Success contemplation tape, and kept adding to it like Curtis did ("expanding my gas mileage, expanding my FUN"). The second half of the trip, I listened to Duran Duran, of course. :)  The hotel I'd booked had a gorgeous view of Buckhead (north Atlanta) as well as a view of the downtown Atlanta skyline. It was awesome, in a great location. Friends who went with me stayed at a hotel on the other side of where the concert was. The road to their hotel was past the concert venue, which is in a park. The road is called North Powers Ferry Road and it winds through an absolutely gorgeous neighborhood of beautiful homes. I was thinking I would love to live there! Anyway, the whole time I'm just having fun and enjoying the scenery. I'm already in a great mood because I'm so psyched about the show. When we get to the concert, we relish every second of walking right down by the stage, to our seats on the second row. About halfway through the show, my companion told me he just got a tweet from a friend who is also at the show, telling him where the band is staying. This changes everything. Once the show is over, we ride back with our friends to their hotel and try to get them to come with us to the band's hotel. They decline, so we took a cab back to our hotel to get ready for our next adventure. We spiff up a little, drop off our new concert swag and head out to the band's reported hotel. We got a text message from my companion's friend, telling us to come upstairs to the 2nd floor lounge, down on the left. As we go to meet her and her friends, I notice Roger Taylor, Duran Duran's drummer, walk right in front of me. My companion has already speed-walked right past him, so I had to catch up with him and tell him to come back to the lobby area! He did, and we were both able to meet him and get our pictures made with him! Next, we go into the wine bar, where we see the band's saxophonist, percussionist and guitar player. We get the scoop that other band members are next door in the lounge area. We make our way into there and find Roger Taylor again, a few other members of their entourage (including Simon and Yasmin LeBon's daughter, Amber, a model like her mom). Nick Rhodes (keyboards) is on a sofa, surrounded by gorgeous women. I couldn't squeeze in there if I tried, but I decided if it happens again, I'm going to try harder. :) Anyway, we hang out in the lounge until after 2am, when security ushers us out and closes the doors. I tell my friends to keep their eye on the other set of doors since I'm sure that's where Nick will exit the lounge. I'm right, there he goes...My friends and I walk around to another corridor and back into the lobby balcony area where we met Roger. There's Nick, still surrounded by a throng of women. But now, he's approachable, so my friend gets his picture made with him and so do I. Later, I was even able to have a conversation with him! I'd been told he's a very nice guy and I believe it for sure after talking to him. We also met the head of their security detail, and my friend discussed arrangements to have some of the band members (the ones we didn't get to meet because they didn't come down to the bar) tour auto racing facilities where he works. We're hoping they can pull that together sometime next year!  Once we got back to the hotel, I was still buzzing from the energy high. I couldn't sleep. I felt like I was soaring through the air. It was amazing! I realized soon afterwards that if I'd thought about it, I could have easily talked my way out of going ("I haven't had a manicure. My hair looks awful after dancing at the show!" etc.). I'm so glad I just went with it, being in the flow, just having fun.


    So, anyway, this past month has been an Epic Month of Awesomeness!!! I have had so much fun and had so many dreams come true! It's like I've now had a sample taste of what can be and I can't wait to have the main course arrive at my table!!! Woohoo!



  • what a delightful story!  Such a cooperative world, when you live in divine synchronicity.   The Universe easily and effortlessly provides all the people and things we need for a spectacular life.  Congrats on manifesting the life of your dreams!




  • aw so nice ur post !!!!love it!!!! everything goes as u want!!so amazing!!!

    thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

    love sirkah

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