A newly embellished DIMENSION'S PORTAL is now available on my site! It is designed to increase your vibration and provide you with an exhilarating multi-dimensional experience. And it's absolutely free, as my gift of Love to you. I didn't create this area for just my students to enjoy (although I know they will LOVE it) - I made it for everyone to partake in. I continually receive letters from people all over the world who are in need. This area will enable them to increase their vibration so that their needs can be met very quickly. It will also provide a beautiful powerful place where everyone can come to become spiritually nourished and where they can experience solace, peace, exhilaration, and renewal.

As you know, I continually say, "The quest is the Bliss!" I not only provide numerous techniques in all of my programs to create your visions in life, I also supply the Energy to propel them into motion. I continually stress that it's not the techniques themselves that are important - it's the Energy behind them!  


The Spiritual Energy of Bliss will:

Energize all of the forms of your loves, needs, and desires that are within your heart!
Accelerate the Law of Attraction and enable you to create in Synchronicity!
Expand energy, which will expand you life!
Release attachments, so that your needs can be met quickly and your visions can be created successfully!
Expand time!
Plus MUCH More!


The DIMENSION'S PORTAL enables you to immerse yourself in this Energy. As you explore a spectacular path (which becomes more so the further you go), it leads you to numerous Free High Vibrational recordings, beautiful scenery, uplifting verses, and MUCH more...including a Christmas surprise at the end. (Make certain you open the presents under the tree and check out the star at the top.) Most importantly - when you reach CONTEMPLATION POINT, click on the Pot of Gold under the sign. I provide complete guidelines within it to make your journey the most magical and advantageous to experience!


Enjoy and have a spectacular Holiday Season! 

Love & Ble$$ings, Carole Doré

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  • Carole,

    Thank you very much for that kids section resource that you gave me. My daughter is enjoying it. I also enjoy going through this portal, it cheers me up whenever I needed a boost and just grateful for all the beauty in here.

  • Queen, I'm so glad you're enjoying this area! It's profound. It's really fun watching others explore it! And you're right everyone should be taking advantage of this. It's an awesome way to raise the vibration and expand say nothing of letting our childlike energy soar, which is our most valuable commodity!

    I go there all the time myself. Even if it's just to hear one of my favorite musical verses. My soul LOVES being immersed in Bliss...and everyone else's does as well. It will take you to numerous places to obtain it, if you just let it soar freely and spontaneously! The Bonus - that's when Magic happens!!! xoxo

  • Here is a very beautiful way, to keep your vibration soring, start your morning at the dimension portal. Go play their with your child energy. Use your heart only. Remember when we were a child and we loved to play and imagine? Well, this is the place to go and have fun. You will feel open and free. Watch how your day becomes so Synchronicity ;-))


    QueenHajar I Akanqi

  • Remember, In Order To Create Your Desires In Life, The Quest Is ALWAYS The Bliss! - Carole Dore' 

    Join me by the pot of Gold!!! ;-))

  • Hi Carol!

    I LOVE the Dimension's Portal! It truly does bring you to a higher vibration, no matter what your current vibration. Thank you for a very much needed piece of heaven anytime we need a piece of heaven.



  • I just spend little over an hour, enjoying Carole's Dimension's Portal and the music, poetry, the Magic of the pictures...

    will bring tears to your eyes, for all the Love she is expressing. What a beautiful gift she"s sharing to all on PL.

    Thank you Carole, For the Lov ;-)). Queen

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