Hello, beautiful souls!  Carole blessed us with her wisdom and insight in yet another Create Money Fast Teleworkshop, and it was awesome!  For those who were part of the fun, please come and share your experiences, ask questions, and let us know how it's going.  If you didn't have a chance to join us, maybe our stories will inspire you!  We did this teleworkshop back in 2009, and boy! has it been expanded!  You can find a thread discussing that workshop back on page 3 of the discussions.

So let's keep that energy going and have some fun!  We've all been doing the Money PowerVision for a couple of weeks, any manifestations to report?  

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  • Good morning, beautiful souls!  Just had to share.  In the Money and Success Contemplation, Carole says:  "I love sharing Your Love, in the form of money, with others.,  I feel the Oneness of Your Love with them and I feel them being empowered by it.  I see and feel the overflow of Your Love and I continually experience great joy in overflowing it onto others.  And the more that I allow Your Love to flow through me (in the form of money), I notice that it comes back multiplied and flows back to me in great quantities in the form of Your pure Love -- the manifestation of money in my life."

    So, my nephew phoned the other day just to catch up (bless him), and I could tell that he was stressed.  He confessed that he had lost his last job, and was having a bit of trouble finding a new one.  With his daughter now living with him full time (Yay! for PowerVision Dynamics and Power Treatments!), his need was pressing.  Long story short, I wired him some money and he received it yesterday morning.  Not an hour after he called to let me know he received it (and was very grateful), I was notified that I got a raise!!!  How cool is that?  My raise is nearly $1000 more than I had sent him.    And if that weren't enough, I found out that I will NOT be paying $2000 to get my partner's car repaired, her brother is covering the deductible, and insurance is covering the rest!  Then a student stopped by and gave me a $65 gift card to a local restaurant, as a "thank you" for helping with some personal problems.  And THEN I got a free glass of wine while at a reception with a colleague.  We were standing together at the bar, chatting, and when the server gave me my wine, I said jokingly, "It's on him," and pointed to my colleague.  He then paid for us both, telling me he owed me for the drama-filled meeting we had both attended earlier that day.  I was floored!  I told him I was only kidding, but he wouldn't take my money.

    Nothing beats living in synchronicity.  And nothing beats having proof positive that everything Carole teaches is right on the money (pun intended)!  When you let money flow through you, never feeling separated from it, it comes back multiplied!  Sometimes immediately, lol!  BTW, I also sent my nephew my mini-handbook to learn more of the techniques for creating a magical life!  It's gonna be so much fun watching his life expand to greater and greater!

    Hope you are all having a magical, abundant, and fun-filled day!



  • That's wonderful, Dika!  And the more you use this technique, the easier it gets, you'll see!  The faster things will happen, as you spend more and more time in synchronicity.  I'll bet the next time you feel at one with a cab, it will be right there, waiting for you!



  • Working at feeling at one with $25,000.00 or more to manifest immediately to enable my freedom.
  • Thank you Toni the technique that I am practising to master is "feeling at one". Yes, last week I was waiting for a cab to get home by the time I realized I waited for more then an hour I applied feeling at one and seeing myself riding in the cab, 15 to 20 mins from applying the technique a cab exactly to my "feeling at one" description pulled up and took me home.
  • I guess I'll start:  For those who haven't yet listened to the audios, Carole asked us all to "feel at one" with different items this week, along with feeling at one with the money.   The purpose is to get so used to feeling at one with things, that when it really, really matters, you have a familiar tool that's easy to use, and you know it works!

    I applied this to finding a document my brother needed -- my late father's birth certificate.  He needed our grandparents' full names for his own son.  Well, my father passed in 1996, and I had no idea where I might find it, if it still even exists.  But I decided to apply the technique, and feel "at one" with the info he needed.  Not 10 minutes later, I was inspired to check a strong box my late mother had kept.  Inside, what did I find?  Not my father's birth certificate (which isn't really surprising, as he wasn't born in this country), but my parents' original marriage certificate -- from 1952!  It had that names of all four grandparents!  When I called my brother back with the info, he was astounded that I could lay my hands on it so quickly.  Little does he suspect that I have the entire Universe backing me up!

    As for money manifestations, I received a mileage reimbursement check two weeks early, had a free meal, and won $25.00.

    But as Carole teaches, the quest is the bliss - and raising my vibration, living in synchronicity has been so much fun!  It's like the seas part, the way opens up, and everyone you come across goes out of their way to help you.  I had lots of things to take care of this week, and every single person I needed to deal with called me!  No tracking anybody down, no going through red tape, no confrontations or demands.  Lovely.   No matter where I went, I never had to wait in a line, the things I needed practically fell into my hands.  I love this way of living!  So easy.  So much fun.

    I know I'll have more to share as things expand.  I'm soooo looking forward to it.

    Blessings and abundance to you,


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