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The Wisdom of the Forum

Hi folks - i thought I'd start a post where we can ask little questions of each other that we might not want to start a whole new discussion over. Well, when I say 'we', I mean 'I'! Lol. Let the questions begin...(and more importantly, the answers!)L

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Saving the Dog's Tail!

Hi guysThis might sound a bit mad, but what technique's can I use to save my dog's tail?? She had an op, and she's got the dressing off and made a hole. The vet is trying a 'miracle' there anything else I can do to help the healing with

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Let's Talk AudioBook!

Hi guys -- I am interested in starting a discussion about the audiobook -- what we're learning, what we love, what we've experienced. Anybody else interested?I'm thinking about doing it CD by CD, or even chapter by chapter, if you're following along

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