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Loving Money

The idea of loving money from the class really captured my attention and last night as I was going to sleep, I ran through a list of why I love I thought I'd share it and see if you guys wanted to share why you love money here too?I love m

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Re-Write Your Day!

Hi Everyone,I thought I would give you a fun ongoing process that you can do to easily stay focused on, and create, what you would truly like to experience. It will also enable you to consistently align with your vision in life and continually progre

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I need marketing assistance

I recently joined an affiliate gifting program and I need help with marketing. I don't want to spend hours on this and I need specific assitance on where to post ads to get people to join up. Heck, I'd even pay someone to find signups for me. Its a g

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sample chapters?

Hi everyone. I don't think I've posted here before. I love Carole's work.In the past I've had quite a struggle with money and still am searching for why I'm still so blocked in this area. I do have her beautiful book and a few of her CDs which do imp

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