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  • Hey Hey! Hope all is well with everyone! Toni, your manifestations are just really fun and incredible to hear about! Really awesome! Fun reminders to just keep the energy light and just go out and celebrate like Ms. Carole says. I have been enjoying the messages that the Power has been telling me when I need it the most. I have also been enjoying synchronicites in the daily/weekly, too!! There was an issue with a purchase I made about two weeks ago: they sent me the wrong item and someone else actually has my item :(. Well, I got refunded that amount plus shipping on 8 items, and so that means I received $41 back. Today, I checked my messages, and my settlement check came 2 months sooner than was told to me!!! I remember I wrote down in my notebook that I see myself having my settlement in my bank immediately, and I would quickly glance over the book once a day. I also liked to experience my vision board I made with fun images of money and affirmations. I made sure to put my face in the middle of all that money, just like Carole saying put your face in the picture. I also remember smelling the money at least 6 times a day. And of course loving the heck out of money, period and keeping my energy high as much as possible. I think over the weekend I really felt like I had the money, but honestly I could not have told you where it was coming from, but I knew it was mine. Oh and sometime during last week I really caught the smell of the money in my heart. It was fun actually!!! But of course, I kept my energy as high as possible ( I did have some off days/moments). Oh and last night I was really having a fun and exhilarating time enjoying the EXTREME high vibrational love energy with the Power, and I remember REALLY loving money at that point. It was truly an awesome experience. So, I am calling them tomorrow to schedule collection of the check!!! Really excited !! Am prolly going to scream all the way down to the bank lol. Thanks so much to Carole for giving us these lifesaving tools man!! Big ups to Ms Carole!!
  • That's a really wonderful story, Toni! So glad your pup is happy :)

  • Hi everyone -- just had to share.  The Universe always, always takes care of us.  Since the passing of my partner, our little dog has been without the only groomer she has ever known.  I never took care of her in that way; it was Liza's bonding time with our little Angel.  Well, Angel's been needing a bath in the worst way, and I haven't had either the time (or the inclination, tbh) to do that.  I have never washed a dog in my life!  I called a groomer and got an appointment for her, but it's not until late next week.  I guessed I could live with it that long, but it seemed to me that she was pretty uncomfortable.  I was getting stressed about it, so I turned it all over to my Power, asking for an easy solution before next week.

    So yesterday a friend drops by, and sheepishly commented on Angel's state, and asked if I needed help bathing her.  When I said I had never washed a dog before, she took off her shoes, jumped into the shower with the dog and bath time was on!!!  She said she does her own all the time, and Angel was, well -- an angel -- and so, so happy to get all clean and fresh!

    I didn't have to do anything!  Not a single thing! I didn't even ask my friend for her help, she just jumped in and took care of it all for me.  And as if that weren't enough, she said to call any time Angel needed a bath and I couldn't get her to the groomer.  I am so blessed!  My life is so magical!  I can't stop grinning.  Thank You, Universe!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  • Hello lovely ones -- I just have to share the amazing love and divine synchronicity I've been shown by the Universe.  Spring semester is always crazy busy, and with Liza's transition, there's more on my plate than ever.  Juggling has been a challenge, and I have had trouble finding time to do even the simplest things, like pick up my new license plates or do the grocery shopping!  I had hoped to have a clear day this coming Thursday, but appointments, meetings, and conferences were filling up my day.  I kept reminding myself that the Universe loves me, and everything will all get done as it should, and released stress and worry to my Power.  Well, today I checked my email, and every single obligation I had on Thursday has been either moved or canceled!!!!  Whoo-hoo!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    The Universe is amazing.  Trust the love.  Trust your Power to make things right.  It's an awesome way to live. 

    Blessings and abundance to all,


  • Hi Tiff and congrats!  The flow of abundance is amazing, once you know how to tap in!  And even beyond the money is the absolute support and nurturing your Beloved Power will give you.  Life is phenomenal when you're cradled in the love of the Universe.

    Hi Patti -- I also get Carole's "Financial Forecast" newsletter, and they give me such a lift!  It's a wonderful reminder of where our Power lies, and how to get the most out of life.  I know you'll be enjoying the Visualization workshop very soon!  Finding Carole's teaching, for me, was like finally getting permission to love my life!  I get to play and be happy and light and free, and wonderful things come my way.

    Blessings to you,


  • Hi because of Carole's teachings I have won two full body spa deep tissue massages in the past few weeks. I have since redeemed the first one, and am gifting the second one for Christmas.
  • Hi Patti and welcome!  I don't do Facebook, so I don't know whether there's a PowerVision Dynamics group there.  This forum goes through spurts; sometimes lots of activity, sometimes a lot of quiet.  I love that Carole herself has participated here, which you can see.  I'm here every day, even when I don't have something new to post.  So please feel free to join any discussion or post any question.  You may find you've inspired others to participate.

    Blessings and abundance to you,


  • Happy Bountiful Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Envisioning you and yours having a Bountiful Thanksgiving

    overflowing with Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity!

    Click below for High Vibrational Gifts of Love:



  • You're very welcome!  I would love for everyone to experience the success I've had with Carole's teachings.  She is a blessing to us all.

    I wouldn't worry too much about not feeling comfortable doing the Money sniffing exercise at work.  I try to do it six times daily, as Carole suggests, but lots of days, I only do it when I'm checking to see how much cash I'm carrying.  And I'll do it in my mind when I'm passing money to a cashier (I don't actually sniff the bills in front of them, I just say the affirmation to myself).  Other than that, I do it as inspired, not on any specific schedule.

    The important thing to remember is that you're not sniffing the money to draw it to you.  That's taking action to try and make it happen yourself.  Rather, you are sniffing to feel at one with it in your heart.  Then when you connect to your Power and raise your vibration, the Love of the Universe flows through you (and all the desires of your heart) and creates through you.  The Dimensions Diagram (Handbook, p. 22) is a great visual of this concept.

    What's created through the heart is so much more substantial and lasting than what's created by training the brain  Scientists have discovered that the heart has 1000 times more electrical energy than the brain, and is 500 times more magnetic.  And when the manifestation comes, it's personalized just for you, with specifics  you didn't even know to ask for!   Your Power knows you so well, and loves you so much, you will be amazed!  The Universe delights in your delight -- smiles because you are smiling, laughs because you are laughing.  It's a wonderful way to live.

    Blessings and much abundance (and love and laughter) to you,


  • Thank you so much, Toni! :) That was a really insightful explanation; cleared up a lot of things for me. As you said, and as is stated in Carole's Book, being Connected to our Source is really The Thing to live a rich life and not only in terms of financial well-being. I am going to try out these power techniques right away. Wish you lots of joy and success in your life :)

    And Lisa, thanks for your input. Money sniffing, as you said, is really fun. I just wish I could be more regular about this habit; most of the day I am at work and sniffing some bills could really land me in a psych ward :D 

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Contemplations and Techniques

In some of Caroles classes people mention techniques. Carole gives them by explaining the Power exercises or Contemplations. The call I'm currently listening to again in Oneness.I listen to the Health or Relationship Contemplation every night before I go to bed and yes as Carole said I have energized sleep. I started the Power exercise once and couldn't go to sleep I had so much energy. I did what she told us and when I finally asked The Power to go to sleep oh boy when I woke up I felt RESTED…

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Contemplations before Sleep

I listen to atleast 1 contemplation a day. I have been since I started learning from Carole. Mainly I listen before I got to sleep as Carole said. I wake up energized. Last night I couldn't go to sleep. It was just as Carole Said!! I had so much energy and all types of ideas for my business kept coming so I kept going with it. Finally I just told The Power that I wanted to go to sleep, just like Carole said. I did and I still woke up energized.THIS WORKS!!!

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Let the Childlike Spirit Lead!!!

Thanks Carole!!I am new to your process or shall I say THE POWER'S process and I'm grateful to the Cosmos for our paths aligning.This post and other posts I make are my way of saying Thank You Carole. IT WORKS and I have 500k to prove it...lol! I have journals my journey but at times words escape me. I don't know how to explain the various feelings, expanded experiences and magnificent miracles that have happened in DIVINE syncronicity. JUST LIKE YOU SAID!I didn't so anything but WHAT YOU…

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My body starts floating and I know I'm in the 5th Dimension!

This thread topic is for me to rave about the Powervision Contemplations!!! LolMy favorites are the Money & Success and The Empowering Relationships but let me tell you---The Empowering Relationships has taken my heart by storm!!!I have one word for ER----SWOON!!! Someone please tell me how I can use it to manifest money too because it keeps me feeling good. TOO GOOD!!! haha Sends my body floating right into the 5th dimension and I wish I could stay there!So far I've only been able to purchase…

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