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  • Hi Carole, I will definitely try and listen to these audios again, and hopefully come to a better understanding. Thank you for your love, support, and these teachings that you share with us all...have a good day!
  • What you just described are many of the glitches that will keep a person lost, confused, frustrated, and inept at using the creative process. And there are hundreds of them! The reason that they are confusing is because half of what is taught is true and the other half is totally incorrect! In short, the answer to your question about manipulation is No!

    I go into great depth in explaining the answers to your questions in the Visualization - The Power Of Your Heart audio program, which is the foundation program of the PowerVision Dynamics' teaching.  That program itself totally refines the creative process and resolves numerous incorrect guidelines. The Intensified Prosperity Workshop takes it a huge step further!

    I cannot emphasize enough again, what I wrote in my last entry: "There's an extremely fine line in using the creative process correctly. I've been teaching that fine line since 1986 because I recognized the NUMEROUS flaws and glitches that were being taught in, what I term, "halfway metaphysics". Be very careful that you actually hear what I'm teaching in my programs rather than inserting those glitches within it."

    In other words, I am NOT teaching what others are teaching. In fact I have to literally re-teach and deprogram what others are teaching! The problem is - when people discover they have power, they're normally quite excited and start trying to follow all of the old guidelines. They then become completely frustrated and confused in how to use it. This frustration eats at a person's self-esteem and confidence and they feel like a failure because they can barely achieve even small successes with it.

    In 1986, I totally cleared up and refined the Law of Attraction because, again, I recognized that it was being taught incorrectly! This is due to its roots, as what is being taught now is springing from a religion (founded in late 1800s) that I happened to be raised in and left when I was 25 because of major flaws within it. This became a profound turning point in my life! (In the future, I will explain all of this on my site.) But as you go further into my programs you will start realizing where the flaws are and how awesome you will begin to feel when these layers of blockages are removed.

    Just know one thing, once you are on the fine line in using the creative process correctly - it is SO much fun and is no longer confusing but something that brings you great joy, confidence, Bliss, Synchronistic Manifestations, freedom and celebration because it works very easily when all of the components are in alignment!

    BTW - I've had over 72 years of Metaphysical experience at this point - and not only do I still look and feel 25 - I'm now even healthier!  The bottom line is - this teaching not only WORKS, there's also many benefits to using your power correctly! To see my picture now, click here: http://cdore.com/teleclass/weight_tw/wt_x/wt_x.html XOXO

  • Thanku Carole and everyone for your input and Id like to add something that I have heard in regards to doing these affirmations/declarations. While what you think about can become your reality...if you say you can, you can, if you say you can't, you can't...if you say something is a problem, then it is a problem, ect...but I also heard someone say that when we do visualizations and affirmations it is a form of manipulating the Universe (God)who knows all and can resolve everything for you that is perfect for you so all we need to do is ask God for help in our financial situation without having to be specific as to how exactly that should be done for example when you state I want/desire $1000 to enable me to....which is a manipulation when all you have to do is simply let the Universe know that you have alot of financial worries and asking him for his help and that you are letting go and trusting him to resolve it as he knows the very best way to do this for your highest good. They say to let go and trust and thats it. Is all of this we are learning from Caroles books /audios (that i actually love to listen to) manipulation? And is that bad? Is that the way we can finally get our subconscious (inner child) to work this out with us? Our subconscious holds onto years and years of memories that replay over and over that can cause us to repeat in our reality. But I heard that we cant like "boss" the Universe (God) around...just let go and let God as they say. What do you think? Thank you for your thoughts.
  • I thought I'd offer a bit of support here.  Toni, you are so wonderful and your explanations are truly inspiring.

    I just want to say to you, Lisa, be very careful about hanging onto, what you're perceiving to be, blockages. I have seen this as actually being one of the biggest blockages of all.  Remember - your words, thoughts, and impressions about yourself are VERY powerful and they create!

    Start stating what you want to experience - such as: "I am a clear open channel for the Power to express and create through! My Inner Child is totally empowered and expresses freely!"

    Start FEELING loved all of the time! You are! Pay attention. Look at the beauty all around you. Look into the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky, and the clouds. Look into the Light! Love Energy is being expressed to you ALL of the time. Feel it surrounding you when you lay in bed at night. Feel Love permeating through you and all around you. And if you think that you can't - then say you CAN!

    Talk to the Power and say, "I feel your Love flowing through me. I feel your Love surrounding me! I feel you expressing to me through the clouds, through the sunset, and through Moon. I love feeling your Energy and I love living in your Presence!"

    One more thing - there's an extremely fine line in using the creative process correctly. I've been teaching that fine line since 1986 because I recognized the NUMEROUS flaws and glitches that were being taught in, what I term, "halfway metaphysics". Be very careful that you actually hear what I'm teaching in my programs rather than inserting those glitches within it. This is actually another huge blockage! Because if you do - you will hit a wall and prove yourself right. It simply won't work that way.

    If you think that your Inner Child is holding onto blockages - you will definitely experience that to be true. If you use the guidelines I related above, the Love Energy will dissipate those blockages. I don't care how many methods or years of therapy a person has - the Love Energy is the Only thing that can do so - because a person simply can't do it by themself!

    So go back to my audiobook and listen again with new ears and with an open heart. Pay attention to the chapters: "The Power Exercise", "A Love Affair Within", "Let Your Child Express!", "Warning! Warning!" "The Law of Polarity" "Look For Your Gifts in Life!"

    Toni's right. This isn't rocket science. Keep it simple! Raise the vibration! Live in Gratitude and FEEL loved and supported by the entire Universe! And again, if you don't! Then just say you are! You'll align with It easily because this isn't something that you will be "faking". YOU ARE!

    Lots of Love and Ble$$ings to all of you! Live in Joy & Gratitude and Celebrate Life! It is the Greatest Gift of Love of all! We are ALL Rich with the Abundance of Life and Love Right Now!  XOXO

  • Toni,

    Your comments has touched (and helped open) my heart to the Divine Universe/Source/Love. 

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Toni for your input...very much appreciated ♡
  • Hi Lisa – I’m not sure how to respond, except to reassure you that you are the Beloved of the Universe, and that your Inner Child knows that. You are being taken care of every single second of every single day – you have air to breathe, clean water to drink, you have sunshine, you have life! All of these are gifts of love from the Universe. By acknowledging that your needs are being met on a daily basis you achieve a state of appreciation that allows your Inner Child to flourish!

    Carole’s message is to open our hearts to that love, and to let the Universe create through us. We are not alone in this deliberate creation stuff. Your Inner Child is part of your superconscious (heaven within), not your subconscious, and any blockages are most likely coming from your masculine (parental, controlling, judgmental) energy. Your Inner Child is closest to Source Energy (the Universe) and should be in the guiding position. Your Inner Child provides the direction (heart/brain), your masculine energy provides the brawn (so to speak). So Carole recommends that we fall in love with life, play, raise our vibrations by whatever means works, stay above the drama, and let our Beloved Powers create the life we want. If we connect to our Beloved Powers from that high vibration, we live in synchronicity, and the Universe brings to us manifestations that are even more spectacular than we ever imagined, personalized just for us.

    I would suggest that you go to her website (cdore.com) and take a look at both the Dimensions Diagram and the Expansion Diagram. That will explain the relationship between you and your Beloved Power better than I ever could.

    Take heart. This isn’t rocket science. Set your intention and then go play. Have fun. Laugh, dance, sing, watch funny movies, whatever. Your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine.

    Blessings and much abundance to you,

  • Hello...i have listened to Caroles audios to learn how to create more financial abundance and having a difficult time as I believe I have way too many blocks resisting what I am trying to achieve....you know our blockages can stay with our Inner Child (subconscious) since we were children and all the affirmations in the world are not going to benefit you if your Inner Child doesnt believe it...I dont think you can fake it till you make it as they say, alot of healing needs to be done. Im not giving up but would appreciate any thoughts...thank you
  • Hello, beautiful souls -- I had the most wonderful experience this week at work, and I wanted to share.  I was asked to participate in a debate for the students about a very volatile constitutional law issue.  I was reluctant at first, but I decided to let my Beloved Power take the lead, and my research went swimmingly.  Much of what I read, though, would lower my vibration (gun violence), but I made a point to deliberately release the negativity and focus on my Power instead.  I connected to my Power before and after each research session.  And every time I started to feel down or depressed, I would look for something fun or amusing to lift my vibration.  Worked every time!

    When the day of the debate came, I was nervous.  I was anticipating a lot of challenge to what I had to say, so I contemplated one of the lines from Money & Success:  "Everywhere I go, I express Your Love and Joy, Your Confidence and Balance."  That last part, "confidence and balance" kept running through my head, and I felt the love of the entire Universe backing me up.

    The event went beautifully!  I was calm even when things got heated, and made a lot of points that my opponent couldn't refute.  I got lots of congrats and kudos afterwards, even from my opponent!  It was amazing.  Exactly the outcome I had envisioned.  When you to allow your Power to work through you, amazing things happen!



  • Thank you, I have had some great results with the techniques I have used and am ready to learn it as best I can. One thing I do need to change is to spread love when paying bills or if an unexpected bill comes, my initial reaction is a negative one.

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Contemplations and Techniques

In some of Caroles classes people mention techniques. Carole gives them by explaining the Power exercises or Contemplations. The call I'm currently listening to again in Oneness.I listen to the Health or Relationship Contemplation every night before I go to bed and yes as Carole said I have energized sleep. I started the Power exercise once and couldn't go to sleep I had so much energy. I did what she told us and when I finally asked The Power to go to sleep oh boy when I woke up I felt RESTED…

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Contemplations before Sleep

I listen to atleast 1 contemplation a day. I have been since I started learning from Carole. Mainly I listen before I got to sleep as Carole said. I wake up energized. Last night I couldn't go to sleep. It was just as Carole Said!! I had so much energy and all types of ideas for my business kept coming so I kept going with it. Finally I just told The Power that I wanted to go to sleep, just like Carole said. I did and I still woke up energized.THIS WORKS!!!

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Let the Childlike Spirit Lead!!!

Thanks Carole!!I am new to your process or shall I say THE POWER'S process and I'm grateful to the Cosmos for our paths aligning.This post and other posts I make are my way of saying Thank You Carole. IT WORKS and I have 500k to prove it...lol! I have journals my journey but at times words escape me. I don't know how to explain the various feelings, expanded experiences and magnificent miracles that have happened in DIVINE syncronicity. JUST LIKE YOU SAID!I didn't so anything but WHAT YOU…

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My body starts floating and I know I'm in the 5th Dimension!

This thread topic is for me to rave about the Powervision Contemplations!!! LolMy favorites are the Money & Success and The Empowering Relationships but let me tell you---The Empowering Relationships has taken my heart by storm!!!I have one word for ER----SWOON!!! Someone please tell me how I can use it to manifest money too because it keeps me feeling good. TOO GOOD!!! haha Sends my body floating right into the 5th dimension and I wish I could stay there!So far I've only been able to purchase…

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