Trying to tap out negativity around a former friend...

But its actually made the person more clingy to me. Its like the more I try to tap her out of my life the more she tries to force her way back in.

This person is a tad destructive. I don't trust her when she gets drunk, she tends to blab about people's personal problems including my own and I've just been distancing myself from her. She sits right across from me at work and is constantly chatting, trying to get my attention, and everybody elses.

There's a lot of chatter in my work area at the moment and I just listen to music so I can concentrate on my work but this lady is pretty much shouting over the tunes.

I do find it amusing that when I tap out one issue (chatter directed at me)  and I'm honestly not bothered by it the next day, this lady escalates to private emails encouraging me to chat with her.

Maybe I should tap out her need to get my attention?

On the plus side the universe is thanfully moving me to another building soon, so it won't be an issue.
But I would like to know why this has happened. I'm wondering if its one of those energy things.

I'm curious to see if this has happened with anybody else.


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  • Thanks Retta, I'll try these. I did a couple of rounds yesterday around 'Even though things seem to be escalating instead of quieting...' and that seems to have changed things a bit. I also tapped for forgiving myself for trusting her with some private information. I should have know better, she just caught me at a terrible time.

    I think thats really helped...I was more annoyed with myself.

    Thanks again.

  • Here are some suggestions to tap on:

    Even though this person really seems to need my attention and I've been hurt when I've given it to her in the past so don't want to be with her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
    Even though part of me feels sorry for her because she doesn't know how to be the friend I need, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
    Even though I'm glad that I know how to take care of myself, a part of me feels bad and feels rude for ignoring her when we used to be friends but I still deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Yeah, she won't be an issue for much longer as I'm moving building. She's pretty overwhelming to be around especially when you try to distance yourself. She just won't allow people to have space/distance. Maybe in the past when people started to distance themselves from her they vanished completely from her life and she's holding on to try to force that from not happening.

    I'm more surprised that the tapping has escalated her behaviour. On the plus side I'm no more bothered by it, so my reaction isn't escalating which shows that EFT is working nicely. And I guess my 'wotever' attitute has brought the office to me so I can get away from her completely.

    Your word toxic describes her very well.

  • Your friend sounds like a really toxic person to be around, so I'm not surprised that you're trying to avoid her. Yeah at times it seems the more you try to avoid someone, the more they'll try to stick to you like moss! ha ha Is your employer not aware of how irritating & noisy this person is at work? I'm wondering if you can maybe say something to your superior or something. Otherwise I'd probably just ignore her more and hopefully she'll get the message. And if she tried to email you, I'd just innocently comment that you're too busy to answer your emails. She should get the message then. Well, it will be interesting to see what other people recommend here. Anyway, good luck!
    Oh right you wanted to know if this has happened to others and yes it has happened to me. Although the funny thing is that my previous boss came to my rescue and had this person moved to a "solitary" area of the room where she was pretty much by herself, next to the plants! ha ha
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