This is a group for anyone with a mental disorder or has loved ones afflicted. Here we can support each other and help each other heal ourselves. We can also talk about our special talents.
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  • oh and i hear Cyberia is wonderful this time of year lol

  • hey all..mental disorder... Well about 10 years ago during an abusive marriage i was a broken person and found myself digging for answers. I found bipolar. Sure I was extremely happy at times and then extremely sad at other times. So I self diagnosed myself with this. Until later on Doctors stated I was misdiagnosed. My emotions felt were directly situational  I was happy when it was xmas.. and sad when my ex husband cheated on me.. so ya it was situaional. 

    What I learned is that I don't need to publicly label my illnesses. or my disability. My ex husband used it against me in court to gain access to my daughter. What I do know is that I am adhd. I don't need to be diagnosed bc last thing i need is more problems from him. But i do know i am not like others. and in someways im very thank ful that i am not. lol xoxoxoxo

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