• I feel Martin is in the middel of some kinda bussiness change . Maybe considering a class or something . It wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to move somewere more quite. I know to much about you to guess Bri. Does Martin also like to play poker ? As i kinda feel he might have that in common with me lol
    • Well he did just get promoted to a manager's position after a whole bunch of drama that his company may have let him go completely (which I do have to be honest, I was kind of hoping for that more, as this company has not been the greatest for him, but change is difficult, I guess). Yes! And he has been wanting to go out and find poker chips so he and I can play texas holdem. And if he TRULY wants to move somewhere more quiet, then you just absolutely made my day, Sherri. :)

      How about anyone else with my energy? :) I posted it because I think I see something different, and I wanted to know if I was correct. :)
  • Hello everyone. So I was wondering if any of the energy has changed. :)

    what do you think?
  • I wondered if anyone wanted to give it a wirl with a few of my photo's?

  • Wow this is very cool. I was wondering if someone would try to read my energy from a photo. The photos I uploaded are from 2007. But I haven't changed much since then. Tomorrow I will try to read some of the photos posted on here because I have to learn to trust my intuition more.




  • Wow truth seeker,
    You have beautiful energy, I dont have alot of time to go into to much detail right now...
    but I would say you have a passion for creation and a longing for beauty in your world... you are young and ageless.
    Afraid of something you think should be small but is big to you, and you know overall you can over come it - people don't normally notice this fear but you do.
    Whatever you are thinking about pursuing do it.
    Dont wait.
    • Hi dawn rose my heads not into it but i will be back when i got a few moments
    • Hi Truth Seeker , I believe you have strong opinions , however you probably to shy to express them. I also see a strong crative energy , but i am seeing it more in cooking form at the moment. Maybe you are playing with the idea of healthy foods and are invinting your own recipes. I also sense lonlyness , but i am unclear if that means you have someone and he missunderstands you ? Your very gorgious and it wouldn't surprise me if you at one time or are thinking modeling . you are probably organized , and you also like to find a good bargain.
  • Hello! This is a picture I have that is recent of myself-

    • Hello again --

      I went to your page and took a look at your YouTube page, etc. -- wow. I wish you well in your endeavors -- bless you. I won't say more here so that others can do their readings unbiased.

      Mary Jo
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