Hello, It is nice to see this little group taking off. I don't know any of you and I don't know what you know. But I need to say this about reading Pictures.........If you want to have a reading about Who You Are Now, then post a picture from NOW.I have had many times in the past people saying 'thats how I used to feel, but not now'...Energy is captured within a picture and in some cases I can read energy from every level of someones life. But if you want to see how far you have built your energy it has to be a recent (no more than a few days old) photo.In fact it is suggested that if you want an energy reading done then you should have a picture taken from when you are feeling happy and when your not, this will get the balance in the middle.Anyway, didn't want to invade the board, but just needed people to know that for the most acurate reading.Loving the group.Thankyou for having me here.With LightKat x

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  • this is hard cause i have to keep watching it . Anyway you cast a big energy as well , no wonder you attract ghost . please tell me the story .unless i am wrong .
    • Surely I think you are perfectly right.
      Thank you so much for saying I have not aged I just went to a store to get interview clothes and the lady asking me to sign up for a credit card asked if I was 18! I said no to the card but thanks to the age comment!
      I want to go to metaphysical school but am not sure if thats exactly what I want, but I have been thinking deeply on it!
      I do have an issue with the way I look, because i gained alot of wieght owning the business I owned (pizza pub lol). I have just had a HUGE move in my life, 2 years ago I moved from one corner of the state to start a business and the business didn't work out so I just moved a few months ago to a new house in the same town as the business was.
      What sends chills down my spine about what you said about the ghost is that yesterday I was having a bad day, had a cold a headache and a fight with my husband the night before so I layed in my bed with a blanket wrapped around my entire head to shut out the light and sound. I was doing reiki on my own head and at the same time trying to use my third eye. I saw a young man walking towards me from the stairs, I was not sleeping. I mentally kept asking what he wanted but he was silent. I t was so real it was as if I didn't have the blanket around my head and I was seeing it through half closed eyes. When he wouldn't speak I shot white light around myself and said go away unless you have something to say. And he was gone.
      I have had a few different instances of peolple or ghosts saying things to me when I am about to fall asleep. Things that sound crystal clear, and once something played with my hair, all recent in the new house I live in which is an old school house.
      My best friend used to tell me I drew in 'spectars' and it freaked her out lol.
      Thank you so much, the only thing that didn't happen was lunch BUT I was hanging out with my husband while he washed dishes right before the video was taken.
      I am not settled in my lige yet, and I do put everyone else first.
      Thank you, you do have a sychic sence that is very developed.
    • it seems better on this video for some reason , lets see if others pick up on it ?
  • i am gonna say you have not aged at all. Anyway you just had lunch or something with a loved one , you like i said before have some capability to read energy's . I sense u want to go to some sorta class . and are considering it . You have some sorta of issue about the way you look ( wich i don't understand i think u are lovely ) I don't know but i see a big move although u may have just done that . maybe your not setteled in yet . You put your family first and sometimes forget to give yourself the much deserved time for u. You also are followed by a ghost that has attached itself to u . although i am thinking it might be a young ghost ???? not sue .
  • Perfectly said.
    I think that is very true.
    • yes Jane lets see an updated picture of you . please!!!
    • I have an idea...
    • This is a video of me from about 5 minutes ago
      I thought it would be fun to try energy reading live!
    • It may take a few minutes to process.
    • nothing i see a big black hole lol
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