• However, she does look "AWEFULL!"

    Mary Jo
    • jane , what your dad says .
  • Ahhhh
    As long as its not here to help me die lol
    Its fin! I mean fine no pun intented..
    hee hee fin....
    • ya you can give an opinion ,
    • Angela do y ou see anything around my head?!
    • No -- I am sure it's like a guardian spirit or something...I'll have to think about it. It's not scary. It's fin -- I mean fine.

      Mary Jo
    • were's the second video u promised ?
    • I thought I looked to awfull in it so I am gonna do it over!
  • I may not be seeing what you two are seeing, but I see something to the right of your head, to your left as you're looking at the camera -- is it stray hair? It sort of moves and changes as you move.

    Otherwise, I don't see anything, but...I don't often pick up such stuff.

    I looked at it again ... know what? It looks a bit like an orb that is floating around there -- sort of a roundish shape the closer I look at it. OK. So something is by your left ear. If that's true, what would it mean?

    Now watch it be something explainable...though I'm not sure it is.

    No, Surely, you're not a weirdo. You're just a little bit fishy....(sorry! hee-hee).

    Mary Jo
    • your asking for it
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