How much do you know about Feng Shui?

Welcome to the group! As you join, I'd love to hear if you've ever used Feng Shui to improve your life, and if so for how long. If you are new to the concept, I'd love to hear that too, and what you would like to achieve with the help of Feng Shui.I have been studying Feng Shui for about 6 years now, and have been consulting for almost a year. My consulting began as a series of favors to friends and loved ones, and it keeps expanding. I've seen so many powerful things happen in the lives of those I care about! This is by far the most powerful tool I have found to make lasting improvements in my life.

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    • Dodger, you are living my dream! One of these days I'm going to leave the corporate world and go stage homes using Feng Shui techniques. It is such a fun and rewarding prospect - especially in times like these. I wish you the best. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

  • Hello everyone and thank you for this group. I have never applied Feng Shui principles to my home.
    I have been interested in this subject for a number of years. I have glanced through a few books on
    this subject but they seemed to require a great deal of time to understand them.

    I would love to have some of the principles of Feng Shui broken down to practical areas of daily life. I
    am interested in finding out how the principles can be applied to everyone from a college student in a
    college dorm , a rented house or apartment, to a more long term situation.
    • Welcome Karen! I agree - it does require a great deal of study, but the concepts are simple - and they apply to any space, no matter how small or temporary. I even adjust my hotel room when I travel if it is necessary.

      The basic principles that i see present in all of the texts are something like this:
      1. You have to get rid of clutter - and that means removing anything that is broken or that you don't need anymore or that you don't love.
      2. Your space needs to be comfortable and safe. If you have a beautiful table but have bruised shins because the corners are too sharp and you are always running into them, you won't be happy in your space.
      3. The images and things we surround ourselves with have an impact on our lives. Take a look around you. Do you have images that show you something other than what you want? I have a friend who is looking for a mate and always gets close but then something happens. I was looking in her bedroom the other day and noticed 2 pictures - one on either side of the bed - of a woman by herself. I told her to replace those with pictures of couples and see what happens.
      If you have something in your house that you don't like looking at, then get rid of it - or at least put it away.

      Just those 3 things will help so tremendously!

      I wish I could tell you there is a quick and easy guide out there. Unfortunately there isn't - at least not yet. I am working on one and will definitely let you all know when I have it finished. Until then, let's keep discussing here - and I'll go post another day in the 30 day makeover thread.
    • Thank you so much Wendy. I have been going through my things for several years now. I thought I had done a pretty good job of sorting and getting rid of clutter, then, I moved last
      year. I moved across country , so that I could live by the ocean. I am in a temporary house
      until I find something we really like. This house has way less storage than my other house did, so now , I feel I must start the process again. I am wondering , what the effects are on having
      unpacked boxes stacked around? Would it be better to have them in one room as opposed
      to another?

    • Karen-
      I would treat your transition house as if it were your permanent home. Treat yourself like royalty no matter where you are staying. I would imagine the stacks of boxes aren't fun to look at. If you have a spare room where you can put the boxes you don't need until you move, or if you can put them in the garage or even storage, that will bring more energy into your home. Even if it is temporary, you may feel like your life is on hold until you buy a house. Why wait to live your life? Make the most you can of the space you have, and then really focus on the new space when you move. Who knows? If you improve the energy in your current space it might draw the perfect new place to you. Good luck! It's great to have you here.
  • Hello! My name is Eileen and I'm brand new to this site but VERY excited to meet positive people like yourself!!
    I have never applied Feng Shui to my life as of yet but I would love to try it. My desire would be to bring more peace, tranquility and relaxation to my household. It is feels (at times) clogged with negative energy and stress comes from that all too often. If you have some tips besides the "removing clutter" (which im going to get started on right away) please let me know - I appreciate ANY advice you can give me :O)
    • Welcome Eileen! Feng Shui will definitely help you with those goals. There is a ton of stuff out there, and I am working on my program that makes it more simple. I just posted day 2 of my 30 day program, and will keep adding on at least until I have it finished and ready to go. I would appreciate any feedback you have.

      I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

  • I've heard of the great changes with feng shui, but haven't done anything myself. I'd like to learn of a good beginner's guide!

    • Elizabeth-
      I posted some resources in another thread. There is a lot of great information out there if you can take the time to read it. I have several books on CD just so I can listen to them in the car. I'm feverishly working on my super-beginner's guide as well, and that will be a free resource for you.
  • Hi,
    I don't know too much about how to actually implement Feng Shui, but I know it works and I want to learn more. My MD just opened a new office and she had a Feng Shui consultant at her side during all stages of the deocrating and placement of rooms etc. It is such a peaceful and healing place. I would love to do that with my home!

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