A group for those who identify as GLBT to discuss the secret as it applies to our life
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  • Is anyone still around? I know that I have been absent awhile. Computer issues and a few moves, but I am back. I hope all of you are well. 

  • Hi, everyone.  I hope you're all having a good day.  And I also hope this group picks up again.  It looks like there are some real good people here.  :-)

  • You really are a phenomenal person with a brilliant mind!


  • Hi everyone, I'm an androgynous queer heterosexual (born male) ENFP (that's my personality type) Androgyne. It's great to see people of the LGBTQQ here :)

  • I wanted to say hello. I am a bisexual female and happy to have found this group on here.

  • This is my first time here and seeking profound conversations with some great people. We are all teachers for eachother! :)
  • Hi Everyone, I am new here, but excited to be here with a great support group that believes in the laws of attraction. Starting to work on believing in me and discovering my self identity. I look forward to sharing great discussions with you.
  • Is this group still active?
  • Glad I found this group.
  • Just saying hi, and glad to start being in Powerful Intentions`!
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I was raised in a strict christian home that believes it is wrong to be lesbian. I know that I like women and I know that it is ok but sometimes it all still gets to me. Was just hoping someone might have some words of encouragement.

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Someday He'll Come Along...

Greetings fellow members!! I am new to the group as of yesterday and just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself a bit, or rather, let you know what's up with me at the moment. I'm smarting in a big way from being on the receiving end of a break up of a ten month relationship, a very rocky relationship and I'm wondering why I attracted this dude into my life. I know there are reasons and that I have lessons to learn from the experience, just not sure what they are yet. He left just over 3…

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Petitions to Sign

I found 2 petitions that needs some signing. Anyone want to join in?These are petitions for:Marriage Equality at the National Level, please sign it if you like.and this is for reopening prop 8.

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