anyone feel like this?

does anyone since starting to practice the loa feel less gay or not as tolerable to some of the things that consist of the gay lifestyle for example i have some really fem friends and i have been doing my best to tolerate some of the things that they do and say that now but never before seem to bother me. there is no question in my mind where the problem is i already know its me, and its not just my friend i was one who like the clubs and pride events and it seems like now recently i have not been to any clubs i planned to attend a pride event in atlanta but i am not so sure if i wanna even attend , and i know i am trying to connect with my soulmate but i wanted to keep busy until he comes if you know what i mean but i have been even unconcerned about that and just to add one thing when i was doing that i protected but anyway i want to be clear that i am not at all upset or depressed this has been some of the happiest days of my life i am loving it but i am just wondering so if anyone can shed any light i would appreciate it thanks

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  • Law of attraction is taking you in a different direction. It's very common when starting something new. For some it's attending a new church or joining a club. It starts you on a new path in your life. Kind of exciting, isn't it?
  • I wouldn't say I feel any "less gay" since I've been working with conscious creation/law of attraction principles, but I have found that I've grown increasingly successful at drawing into my life only those elements of gay culture that I find personally satisfying -- and letting go of all the others that don't serve my purposes. Part of that has come from recognizing (and affirming for myself) that being gay is only part of who I am, so, consequently, I only need draw to myself those elements that successfully satisfy that part of my being. And, as for whatever others do, well, they can do their own thing; live and let live.

    To find more personal satisfaction for yourself, perhaps you may want to consider exploring aspects of gay culture that are a little less known but are more in line with your personal sensibilities. For example, I have personally derived much enjoyment and made many great friends through my affiliation with the Bear community. That's not exactly mainstream gay culture, but it clearly is gay and has been a worthwhile experience for me in many ways. This particular example may or may not be what you're looking for, but it does illustrate that there are alternatives out there, some of which may help you find more of what you're looking for out of gay life.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • An interesting insight I've just had: We're all changing. And together with us, the scene changes, too. Like attracts like. We just have to allow and surrender to the changes.
  • Maybe you're getting in tuned with your purpose and the whole gay lifestyle thing was a distraction? That's what I feel like anyway. So to answer your question, you're not alone. :-p
    • Culling usually looks like painful sacrifice for anybody seeing from the Outside. But being a Butterfly person myself, I've had to cut many strings before. And take it from me, you won't believe the tsunami of gains, personal power and positive surprises that come into your life when you let go of values that have never been your own.

      If I asked you to define "good people in his life", I'm sure your vegan friend wouldn't find goodness in the description.
    • Actually, lately everywhere around me gay people are saying they can't stand the poppers-and-pill lifestyle anymore. Even ex-gayborhood queens like my fiancee. I can sense tremendous transformations emerging for many human subcultures, but in any case, the gay stereotype is too artificial and imposed from the top (corporations) to stand so long.
    • thanks peter, one thing for sure i will find out i guess the deeper i go or the closer i get to my purpose i believe more and more will be revealed. i will keep you posted maybe something i do or say can be an aide to you who knows?
  • What does "practice the loa" mean??

    FWIW, I myself have never really been comfortable in mainstream gay culture, though I love my sexual orientation and 90% of my social circle consists of gay ppl.
    • when i say practice i am talking about the act of changing your negative thoughts to positive ones that is all i meant by that its a practice for me that is resulting in a life change

      what is FWIW ?

      yes i to love being gay i feel special as anyone should about there sexuality i just feel different about somethings but i just wanted to see what every one else felt about and not that i really need another person to validate me but you know sometimes if feels good to know some one has been where you are going and is willing to share there experience with you
    • FWIW - For What It's Worth.

      Loa, which is actually initials (LoA) - Law of Attraction.

      Just for clarification. :D
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