Someday He'll Come Along...

Greetings fellow members!! I am new to the group as of yesterday and just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself a bit, or rather, let you know what's up with me at the moment. I'm smarting in a big way from being on the receiving end of a break up of a ten month relationship, a very rocky relationship and I'm wondering why I attracted this dude into my life. I know there are reasons and that I have lessons to learn from the experience, just not sure what they are yet. He left just over 3 weeks ago and we've communicated ONCE since he left. When he left, we left things open ended re: the future of our relationship. When we communicated a couple weeks ago (via IM on Yahoo), he said he was committed to finding out if we had a future together. I've not heard a single word from him since and day before yesterday, I wrote a short, polite, nonconfrontational email asking him to explain his silence. I've still not received any reply and that hurts. Something's up and he's closed me out of his life completely. It's a really immature way of dealing with things if you ask me and I guess I'm going to need to get closure on this by myself and with trusted friends. Anyway, I'm a nice guy and deserve THE BEST partner for me. Someday he'll come along. I'm very glad that I can vent here and cry here and moan here and create here and intend here and be supported here. Perhaps my ideal mate is one of you in this group. Wouldn't that be just like the Universe? In any case, there's a lot to me and I look forward to posting often. And I want to hear from all of you. Wishing everyone peace and serenity this evening.

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  • Yes, we have lessons to learn from every relationship and every person that comes into our lives. These lessons get us ready for the right person for us. It takes a lot of patience and perseverence, especially when yet another break-up happens. Trust in the universe, higher power, source energy, or whatever you may call it. You are being guided by something that can see the entire road ahead of you. And, of course, be happy now without a man in your life. Break ups are a lot worse when you're only happy in a relationship.
  • Nothing wrong with you. Nothing wrong with any of us. Just be happy with yourself without a man and be the type of person you want to attract. :-) You're going through things that you need to go through to make you ready for your soul mate and he is also going through things. There may be other men to meet and more stuff to go through first, but when the time is right for both of you, you will meet.
  • Gavin,

    Your perfect mate is out there for you. We just are in situations where we need to completely find ourselves before we can allow someone else in. I just recently got dumped by my boyfriend of 9 months last week. There was no explanation of what the reason was, my clothes were just brought to me at my apartment and I was told, "it isn't working out"! That was it. I deserve more than that, but I lost myself. Before that, I was married to a wonderful guy for 16 years. And that was a awful period in my life when we broke up. Sometimes I feel like it is me, what is wrong with me? Anyway, things will look up for both of us. I hope you hear from him to move forward, or to gain closure in your relationship. Please keep me posted!
  • I've dealt with simular situations, only I never tried reconnecting. What is funny is, most of the time I saw that it was almost a favor. Since I would never ended it, and I knew it was better not to be with the person but wouldn't end it. What seems bad can be very good in reality but we cant see that always. I am focusing on attracting the best mate for me, rather than whats not.... I know, if you focus on your passions, I am sure he will pop up in time. Just don't worry about finding him... What I am trying to learn to do..
  • You deserve only the best that life and love has to offer..
    • Thanks Ml7,

      Your few words are rich in content and mean a lot to me at this time and always. Peace be with you.
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