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I was raised in a strict christian home that believes it is wrong to be lesbian. I know that I like women and I know that it is ok but sometimes it all still gets to me. Was just hoping someone might have some words of encouragement.

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Someday He'll Come Along...

Greetings fellow members!! I am new to the group as of yesterday and just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself a bit, or rather, let you know what's up with me at the moment. I'm smarting in a big way from being on the receiving end of a break up

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anyone feel like this?

does anyone since starting to practice the loa feel less gay or not as tolerable to some of the things that consist of the gay lifestyle for example i have some really fem friends and i have been doing my best to tolerate some of the things that they

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Personally, I've never been abused because of my sexual orientation, but I know several people from my closest social circle who have suffered a lot.In what ways could we attract homophobia to our experience? I do agree it's usually an attraction, bu

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Is Gay a mental thing?

Now that we are aware that what we think about we bring about. Could it be that we choose on a day to day basis to be gay. Just a thought but has anyone considered that we choose this for our reality in a way that we choose socks in the morning. I en

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