This group is for those who are trying to mend broken relationships, and for those who are able to contribute constructively and supportively to members reaching out for help. Please, no judging or scolding. Judgemental posts will be removed.

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  • Hi there. thanks a lot for your willingness to help. Appreciate it much. I did read the Alchemist. Didn't read The Mirror Work though. Sure i;d love to have the pdf. 

    Thanks again 

  • Hi Seeker,

    I am sure you are brave and you are achieving all that things which are good for you.. We all here are always ready to  help each other if in case you need any sort or help or you want to share anything u can anytime message me :) I would be grateful to help you anything .... :)

    Yesterday I was reading to one book by Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist which Wiz suggested in the group to read and I am really grateful to him that he asked me to read the same ... and I would suggested u as well to go through that book.

    One of the best statement.... mentioned that book

    When you want something with all your heart, that's when you are closest to the Soul of the World. It's always a positive force."

    Also for self love u can read book The Mirror work .... its the best book because I have achieved a lot after using the technique of Mirror work.

    If u willing to read this book let me know I will share the PDF copy with you....

    All is well ... and also all good things is coming in your life....

    Take care :)


  • Thanks a lot Vanessa. Appreciate you wanting to help

  • Hi   I think you are so brave.  You are a fighter.    I am here if you need me xxx

  • Hi Guys. I'm just numb right now because i know what's coming. I think we broke up few hours ago.. I'm in shock ofcourse. Can't even bring myself to talk about what happened yet...After everything we've been through, it's just incredible to me how things are ending. Honestly, I'd really rather die right now (not kidding at all) than face the amount of pain and heartache and just absolute darkness the next hours days weeks months years are gonna bring. I've been a fighter all my life. Went through so much but never gave up. I just can't anymore. Not anymore

  •  thats good Rose, just take this time to focus on your self, if you think about him try an turn it around to something you want. 

    Focusing on your wants not your needs. You manifest everything thats happening around you remember that its all about your thoughts and when you focus on your self an only your self, is when you feel happier, if you can't make your self happy then you shouldn't be with anyone, don;t rely on someone else to make you happy. I'am proud that you deleted his numbers its hard I deleted all of my ex's numbers, messages and blocked him from face book only yesterday we have been broken up for a month an 3 weeks I think? I stopped counting haha Its really hard work but you have to keep going, you can hit a wall but are you going to climb up it an see a beautiful day or are you going to stare at the wall an hope it disappears? 
    Yes you are strong and you can do it! I believe in you (: 

    intention+let go = receive 

    this is another link that goes into more detail

    heres a link to my discussion of getting an ex back, I still haven't but if you read the comments you see all the thought process and advice and how much you change. Always read the comments it helps to any forum if you can it helps!

  • hey Sarah, I hope you had a great day.  He called about twice yesterday and missed both of the calls.  I tried communicating with him today and it was the same. I was thinking that probably the calls meant something.  However, I just started feeling like I have had enough of being upset, and feeling anxious.  I deleted the numbers because I can't remember them so I won't be tempted to text or call. I did it because it is really time to take care of me and I felt a little better after doing it.  Working on being strong, because I am strong.

  • Rose all good rose feel free to send me a message if you need anymore! were all here for you (: 

    Sarah Sapphire <3 

  • Thanks Sarah, really appreciate the advice.

  •  Rose do this. I read it on a thread on here. 
    The best thing to do is take a step back and think about your self and your own happiness. If hes withdrawn he probably needs to figure some things out if he needs you he would know how to contact you. So take a deep breath an relax and know that we are all here for you. <3

    The art of Positive Selfishness.

     In your mind, build a fabulous pedestal in granite or marble, in the middle of a town square - a pedestal with space for only one icon or idol. Place yourself on this pedestal. 'You' in gold, or platinum or titanium or whatever you wish. Does this bring home a message?

     Stop focussing on - does he/she like me? will he mind if i say this/ do this….STOP! And start listening to the voice within…it will tell you how YOU are feeling.

     Let your emotions be your guide. If you are getting feelings of sadness or discomfort in a relationship, take yourself serious! Don't hesitate to communicate with your partner over this, and don't hesitate to end the relationship if required.

     Never turn your existing life and routine upside down for your lover, like cancelling appointments to accomodate him/ her unless it's really necessary. Don't neglect other areas of your life such as your work/ study/ sport/ children etc. Make it a habit not to think of your lover when you are doing other things. Live in the moment!

    1) Stop the longing - it is a self-destructive vibration (that reaches the ex).

    2) Make the intention that you want him/her back, release this intention into the universe.
    3) Then forget all about it.
    4) Wipe your life-slate clean and blank.
    5) Make a new intention - I enjoy a fabulous love-life - with a new love!! ja, ja :-)))
    ( sounds contradictory and disloyal - but this is vital - it puts out the signal that you're a healthy spirit )
    6) Practice the art of positive selfishness.
    7) Plunge into life - in every area - live in the moment, to the very fullest!!

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I decided to start a new chapter in my life.  I have been practicing LOA the wrong way and my love is now engaged.  I do not want to boring you with all the details; I am trying to forget the past.I have decided to start practicing detachment and start a new life without him; I am ready.  If he comes back fine and if not, it is fine too.  I am tired of being alone and sad.  I have tried to stay positive and I was able to do it until I decided to check his page where he announced his…

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We would fight a lot and now we broke up

Hi guys... Me boyfirend and i were in a relationship of 2.5 years , when he broke up eith me a month ago.I must tell u that we used to fight a lot, be it anybodys mistake. We were always breakinf up and patching up but i dont know, this time it seems kinda permanent..I m currently using loa to get him back, but my concern is wether we will stop fighting like maniacs or not? Because it's imp to be happy in a relationship.And also, around 6 months ago when we broke up one more time, he came back…

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I love her and she loved me a lot...but not together anymore

Right then... mine has been a 2 and half yrs long distance relationship.we did meet though.....things were quite good until recently...had a lil fight den afta abt 20 days of that she said its not gonna work and its a breakup...i persuaded did everything i cud but of no use....I tried getting her frnds to persuade her ...things den got really worse becoz she hated ppl specially her frnds knowing personal details of her... she blocked me everywhere and said she hates me etc.She also said she…

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