Right then... mine has been a 2 and half yrs long distance relationship.we did meet though.....things were quite good until recently...had a lil fight den afta abt 20 days of that she said its not gonna work and its a breakup...i persuaded did everything i cud but of no use....I tried getting her frnds to persuade her ...things den got really worse becoz she hated ppl specially her frnds knowing personal details of her... she blocked me everywhere and said she hates me etc.She also said she wudnt come back to me ever. I sent her a msg on valentines day wishes her asking her to forgive me...den all of a sudden she changed her mobile number and i have no contact left now...whatever i tried doing she reacted in a very violent way...she msgd her cousin asking me to go away  and saying i was harassing her... may be i pushed her away...I was told by her frnds to give her space n time...its been more than 1 n half months since i did anything to contact her...I am 100% sure she is the one for me and yes I want her back. Not really knowing what needs to be done...One of my friends suggested the law of attraction and i searched abt it online. Thankfully i saw the articles online abt attracting ex back using law of attraction...I want to know if what would help me get her back... please give me ur valuable advise..

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