Is my situation hopeless?

Hi, I'm new to the group so I feel weird posting this.

My ex and I were only together for 4 months but I have never fallen so in love with anybody in such a short time- even my longest relationship doesn't compare to what we had. We had problems about the future (he smokes weed and didn't want kids..) and he decided he didn't want to ruin my life so he left. I've always wanted a kid and really didn't care about the weed. Anyway, no one truly understood him like I did, and I feel the same way about him. He's never cried over how much he's loved someone before and he did with me which was a huge shock.

I truly believe we can make things work but I don't know how I can use LOA to do it.

I heard of the Law of Attraction after two weeks and a half of no contact with him. Around 4 days after starting to use it, he talked to me and said he missed me, and wanted to be my friend but he wasn't going to beg. I thought about it and said no because let's be honest, I wanted a relationship with him.

Two days ago I had to speak with him because of medical problems and we actually had a good conversation after business was out of the way. He called me cuteface (I still don't know if that's a good sign or not).

Every day since I started with the LOA, I would do the "I am so happy and grateful now that..", I would visualize a relationship with him, I would feel so in love and happy that I would cry. When I write, I say that I am so happy that I got back together with him on August 4th, which is my best friends party coming up which he will be that.

So now.. The 4th is coming up, I've planned my outfit, I'm excited but I don't know how to use the LOA at the party to attract him to me and actually take me back. I love him more than anything and I believe in my heart and soul that things can work. Please help.

If there are any mistakes I am making in trying to attract him back, please let me know how to correct them.

Thank you. <3

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  • hey. what is your situation now? are you fine? 

  • Well during the party we were awkward at first, eventually we just kind of hung out together but he was a little away from me. Theres really nothing note-worthy of the actual party.
    It was after though when we were in the car together going to another place that something actually happened.
    I was having a panic attack in the car and he was sitting next to me so he tried calming me down like he used to and held me hand.
    He was kind of flirty too like nudging my face with his nose but then again he was drunk and high..
    He didnt pay too much attention to me but we pretty much slept in the same room but away from each other, next morning, we just kind of parted ways.

    After that though, he started IMing me saying how much he missed me and he was happy to see me again blah blah blah...
    We started getting close again, calling each other our old petnames, talking about old memories, I genuinely thought we were going to get back together.

    We ended up going to another party we both happened to be invited to but nothing really happened then until the next morning when he woke me up my nudging and poking me which resulted in a huge tickle fight.
    He ended up sitting next to me and holding my hand again and being generally close like we used to be. We said our goodbyes, longest hug ever and that was that.

    Now me being the idiot that I am, when I got home, he started flirting with me again on IM and talking to me, and at one point I asked where we stood and lets just say he gave me every excuse in the book: hes going to be stressed with school, his family is giving him problems, he would feel forced, he wants to move out (which would be in a year by the way), he wouldnt be able to treat me well, his temper... I dont believe any of it really because we coexisted before and I know we can again.

    Since that conversation, I tried talking to him once and it was awkward. I havent spoken to him since and its been about 5 days.
    I still love this man more than anything and I truly believe with everything I have that I can be with him again and make it work- but it takes two.

    Im so tired of feeling sad without him but Ive also gotten a lot of stronger on my own and since then, him and I both REALLY know that Ive learned a lot because hes mentioned it too.

    I told him I love and know him better than anybody and he agreed.

    Please help, I want him to be happy, so much, more than anything, but I intend it to be with me. Im trying to figure out if im losing my faith in LOA but Im still doing my best to visualize, write down the qualities in him that I adore which puts me in that frequency of love.

    I dont know what more I can do, please, hes not someone I can just walk away from and I know for a fact that he loves me too.

    I know this is very long and Im sorry but I appreciate it very much that you answered me. I just feel like im back at the beginning.

    Thank you so much.

    • Wow, there is a lot going on dear friend!  You are in a state of overwhelm, not a bad thing, just something to realize.  If you don't know EFT,/tapping, you can get a short ebook for free to teach you the basics.  This would help you clear overwhelm.

      I hear some self-loathing and so you will want to do some things to empower yourself.  Meditation or whatever resonates to get yourself in a better place with YOU, so you know where to stand with him.

      You want to make sure and clear any need to be codependent on anyone, as this just creates more issues.  It's important to get in touch with the peace within yourself so you can be a blessing in all your relationships/friendships.  

      Until you are in a better place, it will be difficult for you to know how to respond to your ex.

      Others won't respect us if we don't first respect ourselves and know what our boundaries are and are willing to be completely direct and honest without fear of a retaliation.  

      That is what LOA is all about.  Seeing that we created the crappy stuff, so we can now change it to bigger and better stuff, with all the love in it.  

    • I generally do feel pretty good about life and myself but of course it's natural to lose some of that sometimes. I am doing my best to choose what is right for me.

      He tried talking to me yesterday, just said hi and that was it. That's as much of an update I can give for communication with him.

      I really do believe he is the one for me and I'm almost 100% certain he still loves me.
      I just have no idea how to start communication again and get him to commit to me.

      I know I created the crappy stuff, so now I'm trying to change it around. Lately I've been doing great :)

  • Hi, Alyssa,

    I didn't join the group until recently.  Would you please give an update, now that a month has past.  

    Any relationship can be healed.  If you believe he is the one for you, don't give up.  

    I would love to hear how you are doing now.

    I am proud of you for posting on here and please don't feel "weird" about it.  



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