Making Progress..just need a boost

My husband of 24 years thinks that he doesn't want to be married anymore. I think it is because we certainly did develope issues in the relationship (which all relationships have) but I think he may be in a bit of a midlife crisis also.(He is 45 and has actually started thinking about his future...the next 10 years) He moved out 4 months ago, but we have had contact almost weekly. I have started applying the LoA to this and have experienced results. I have become the old me which is such a wonderful person and the one he fell in love with. The best part of it is that I am SO ok with my life and actually with whatever happens with me and my husband. Of course, though, my desire is reconciliation. I feel deep in my gut that this desire is definately right.I feel so empowered . We have actually had what I see as progress. He is seeing good things instead of all the bad. He has told me that he is starting to feel a friendship again. I have found out that he has some kind of relationship with another person ("just a friend") which I won't allow myself to feel threatened or worried about since it won't accomplish anything to do so, plus it gets in the way of my LoA principles. I do occasionally have moments where the doubt about my desire being fulfilled or being right will creep in. That's where I need extra boost to get back on track. Can anyone help with some extra encouragement and positive vibes?

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  • Sending you awesome vibes ;D

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